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Rooms@the Manor: Chill Out Room Trance HFMO  for Women

Rooms@the Manor: Chill Out Room Trance HFMO for Women£9.99

Essemoh loves nothing more than to give you pleasure and you never know what kind you might find in a Room at the Manor.  Go ahead and open the door, in this Impossible Lovers for Women  trance experience he will give you all you can take. You might be in the Chill Out Room, but there will be plenty of heat.

Rooms@the Manor: Steam Room Hot HFMO Sex for Women

Rooms@the Manor: Steam Room Hot HFMO Sex for Women£9.99

The Steam Room is just one of the many Rooms@ The Manor where pleasure abounds. In this Impossible Lovers for Women experience Essemoh is waiting in the quiet, warm, safe space to give you all the pleasure you can handle. Just breathe and relax then surrender to all the sensuality and orgasms this experience brings.

Valentine: Celebrate Hot Sex with MsKitten for Men

Valentine: Celebrate Hot Sex with MsKitten for Men£6.99

Ms Kitten wants to be your Valentine in this explosive eSb Audio Erotica experience. Just lie back and relax. She has many surprises in store for you and you will enjoy every single one of them. So will she, in the way only Kitten can!

Naughty Schoolgirl : Fantasy Sex for Men Audio

Naughty Schoolgirl : Fantasy Sex for Men Audio
Our Price:  £9.99

Brand:  eSensual Books



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Jezebel has been naughty again! This time she cannot seem to figure out what "x" equals, but her Algebra teacher is about to give her a lesson she won't soon forget. Putting an SE in front of it finally helps Jezebel understand the value of X!

Fantasy Sex for Men is a series of audio experiences aimed at heterosexual male listeners. These experiences have been produced with sexually explicit fantasy themes in mind. The audio track is narrated by the very dominant and powerful, Jezebel and uses the Directed Erotic Visualisation technique to immerse the listeners in an extremely erotic encounter.

Directed Erotic Visualisation© is not an audio book, it is so much more. This unique experience puts you into the very heart of the story, allowing you to feel all the sensations for real.

Here is what some listeners have said: ”

"What I can’t believe is how deep into my head she got, bringing everything to life in vivid color.”

“I have never experienced a hands-free orgasm before, sensational! More please!”

"Simply sensational! I haven't come that hard in years!"

Narrated by Jezebel

For Adults Only: Sexually explicit language and audio imagery combined with guided suggestion.

Warning: Do not drive or operate dangerous machinery while listening to or for at least 30 minutes after your experience.


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