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Satisfyer Brand Multi Toy Review

Wow! Satisfyer has kept me busy reviewing their new line of products which they seem to be developing at breakneck speed.

Before I talk about a few of those, I have to say that they are very good about communicating when the products will arrive, they are well packaged and always on time.

The individual packaging is also great, including a hygienic seal and an information booklet. All the newest products come with a high speed usb charging cable which is a wonderful plus. There is nothing worse than batteries dying at an importune moment...

The original Satisfyer products with air pulse technology are still my all-time favorites. I am not much of an insertable gal, as a rule, but sometimes… so when I received a box full of the new vibrating dildos, I knew it would take some time to go through all of these.

First, I want to talk about the Satisfyer G Spot Rabbit. (There is a live action audio review of this toy in use on Patreon) I was more than thrilled to receive this thinking that the combination of air pulse in a rabbit would be the ultimate experience. Although vibration has its place, the air pulse is divine.

I unboxed it, charged, cleaned and prepared. I noticed right away that the rounded head was curved for G-spot stimulation, the silicone was smooth, and the white color was a nice change from all the brightly colored products out there. It seemed more sensual, classic.

You will need to have some quality water-based lube on hand for this on. It took me quite some time before I was able to insert the head of the rabbit. I did have to stop and start over a couple of times. I may not be the best judge as I am a petite woman, but I think the head may be a definite “push’ for most because of the size and shape. The curve makes it so that a straight shot wont work, so there was some maneuvering involved.

After taking some time to get comfortable, I was eventually able to insert the toy far enough to line up the suction head on my clit and get the full effect. Once I relaxed it did not take long to bring about an intense orgasm. Good things come and all that… however, once I orgasmed and my vaginal walls clamped down on the toy, I was unable to move it away from my clit because the head was trapped inside me. Scrambling to find the off button, I took a breather and waited until my body fully relaxed before I could remove it. It still did not slide out easily, but thankfully I would not be a guest on Sex Sent Me to the ER!  I did enjoy the experience while it was happening just the before and after was quite a bit of effort. I would think that it would be a great toy to supplement your sex life when your really worked up or at the very least take some time to get your body ready first, especially if you’re a smaller woman. 8 out of 10 for orgasm.

The next toy I tried was the Multi-fun 2. Again, well packaged, great charger, and fun design. The box shows you the many ways this toy can be used. I thought it would be great to attach to nipples or even as a couple’s toy.  First, I tried the toy solo. While it has a tight connection on the ends, they do not lock into place, so, to use on nipples or top of clitoris, you will need to hold it in place. To be used as a couple’s toy, one side needs to be inserted then your partner can feel the vibrations as well. While the other side of the horseshoe shaped toy is supposed to rest on your clit to provide maximum stimulation. Well, it almost needs to be inserted by someone else. Not only does the toy keep its shape, it is difficult to pry it apart enough to get an angle to comfortably insert the toy. Again, anatomy is different but once I finally figured out the geometry, I had already lost interest. This toy in my opinion is terrible and I would give it a 2 out of 10.

In a more recent delivery of some colorful and varied vibrators, I wasn’t sure where to begin. Again, nice packaging with a 70’s flower power vibe.  After the multi-fun experience, I was disappointed to see no products with air pulse, but I plunged ahead… see how I did that. ;-0The first choice was Power Flower. The bright red toy has small petals coming off the sleek and smooth shaft. It says it is insertable, but I see no need for that. The 14 different vibrations and patterns have something to please everyone and if you’re lucky you won’t have to even cycle through half of them. The petals create a rapid flicking sensation and even on the lower settings create an instant tingle. This toy works great for nipple and clitoral stimulation. I might have t try it as a warm up to the G- Spot Rabbit next time.  I would say it was about 6 minutes and I had a strong orgasm with this toy. I sometimes find direct vibration uncomfortable, so, this was a perfect combination with a light touch. 8 out of 10.

Mister Rabbit was my next choice as I noticed it had a small tongue shaped head with a slight curve. Hot pink, Silk Touch silicone. With a pinky sized nub for your clit. With lube, the toy was easily insertable. The slight curve hit the g spot with movement, and while not a filling sensation, I was definitely aware it was there. I found the fit very comfortable. The clit nub was long enough to fit many of the various shapes and sizes and the rounded head provides a nice pressure. I would love it if the shaft and clit portions worked on separate vibrations, but, nonetheless, it was an enjoyable experience and I had an intense orgasm in under 10 minutes.

I still have many more to try. The assortment contains some larger dildos that I may need to pass on for someone else to try and some unique shapes and sizes. I will update you as I move forward.

We always want to provide the best information for your health and wellness, so, please get in touch with any questions.

I understand trying to stay current and being innovative, but IMHO I would say that Satisfyer doesn’t need too many bells and whistles, the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe is an outstanding toy and I would concentrate on more items using and/or improving that technology. 


Loved it
Sunday, 12 May 2019  |  Britt

I love this one. Nice and dirty with multiple "scenes".

Sunday, 12 May 2019  |  Britt

I am a big fan of Essemoh but this one was a waste of money. Was expecting more from a XXX.

Beautiful Booty
Friday, 19 April 2019  |  anon

I really enjoyed this new title. Ms. Kitten gives a thrilling performance as usual. What I liked about this recording is it was easy to imagine her in the spooning position. It's a little short at only 10 minutes long, but it is pretty explosive. She knows how to play the role of the adventurous girlfriend very well. Also, who do I give a compliment for the artwork of this album? It is breathtaking.