Listener Reviews

"I was able to have some private moments to experience the things you guided me through and felt all of the sensations you described to me. It was, indeed, a very erotic experience. Although I have no real experience in BDSM, it is what I hunger for and where my fantasies always lead me."

CWTCHThe perfect way to relax and fall asleep,  - anon (United States):

I love this to drift off to sleep feeling cozy and warm and wrapped in the arms of a caring man. This narrator has the perfect voice for whispering soothing and reassuring things in your ear. It feels personal, close, safe and warm. If falling asleep is a problem, try taking this man to bed with you. He will lull you into sleep feeling secure and peaceful and warm through to your bones. I use it almost every night and have friends who love it too. I recommend it to anyone who wants to fall asleep to the whispers of a caring partner who feels like he wraps himself around you safely and watches over you all night. Delicious, sensual without being arousing. Quiet, gentle whispers. Perfect!

"That was, without a doubt the most unbelievable thing I Wow. That's all I can say. I didn't know what to expect from this but now I'm a believer. I think I just squirted for the first time. I'm definitely thoroughly soaked"


Des Plaines, IL, United States "HE'S GOT A GREAAAAAAT VOICE"

I personally enjoyed the listen, it was just graphic enough to be a fun listen at work on break :O)


"I feel like I've just had hours and hours of fabulous sex!" 


"Interesting way to explore erotic possibilities!" Anon 

I read several reviews of this audio written by people I don’t think understood the technique. What I know of it is that it’s immersive, the author/narrator takes you, your mind, into an erotic experience. It’s not something one listens to at work during a coffee break. It’s not a story to enjoy while walking the dog or on a treadmill at the gym. It is an experience you participate in. It’s an adventure.
I bought this audio to find out more about dominant/submissive eroticism and found it to be an interesting, and safe, way to get a glimpse into activities I would be reluctant to explore in real life. My erotic tastes are conventional and mainstream, for the most part, but, like so many, I’m curious. These audios are a fantastic way to ‘taste’ those erotic possibilities we hear and read about but can’t or won’t explore in the flesh. Plus, it’s fun. Who doesn’t like to think they’ve sampled the forbidden every once in a while? What safer way than alone in the privacy of one's own bed? I listened to this audio and found that I wasn’t nearly as dull as I thought. There were things to explore that I found I enjoyed (shhhhhhh don’t tell). I learned some interesting things about myself, and I liked it. When I bought it, I thought I’d listen once and have my curiosity satisfied. Much to my surprise, make that astonishment, I’ve tuned in several times and still find the experience interesting and enlightening and sexually satisfying. I also find that I sometimes get bored with what my imagination conjures when I'm indulging in a little 'self-abuse' and I like the variety that Mr. Teepee's imagination adds to the mix.There are things on this audio I don’t particularly enjoy, but there are things that I do. Having that opportunity and the flexibility to have a broader erotic experience and to know just what my limits might be is intriguing and I’ve learned things about myself that I would never have guessed. 
One of the things I like about an audio experience, unlike with a date, is that if you don’t enjoy some part of it, you can skip it or turn it off. OK, that got complicated. With an audio, if you do like it, you get to do it again, any time you want. As long as you don’t have company over, or a date. Don’t recommend that the first time you listen. After that - - - none of my business.  

Fort  Collins, CO, United States 

"I misunderstood what I was getting here"

I bought this and another similar book with the idea of giving them as a cheeky hens night present for a friend. I seldom read blurbs for books as I like to be surprised by the story, and I usually go by other user's comments. This purchase was my own silly fault for just skimming a good review without reading the description! I found this quite invasive when I listened to it. The narrator/author is very, very creepy. It goes beyond the funny side very quickly, and indeed wasn't meant to be funny I think. 

Illicit Gay lovers - West Chester, OH, United States

This was absolutely the worse piece of literature I have ever read*. It does not even qualify as a book. Its stupid and boring.

(*Editors comment; Curious as to how one can 'read' an audio?}

J.T.Yuma, AZ, United States


This book isn't what I expected . . . maybe I didn't read the synopsis good enough.

'That was amazing. I'd love to hear more gay audios from you!'

'How the hell did you do that from just speaking?!?! I am so confused yet turned on from how you did that. WOW!


Plaything Impossible lovers for Women

 New adventures for when "taking care of personal business" that you won't regret.anon (United States) 

What a novel way to enjoy some time alone. This audio was deliciously erotic, a nice turn on. Sometimes taking care of ‘personal business’ can feel rote and uninspired, especially after a few decades with the same hands and toys. Toss in a little audio erotica and the complexion of the beast can turn from pale to pulsing. The author calls them experiences. I prefer adventures. They take one from the same paths we’ve wandered for however many years, to trails into new territory that’s at once familiar, but, then, a bit unfamiliar. All three of the tracks were enjoyable and satisfying, though I have a slight preference for the first. if I wrote this tomorrow, however, it might be one of the other two. If you are familiar with this author you’ll know what I mean when I say these were two towel adventures. I would recommend this audio to anyone who wants to add a little something to ‘squeezing the peach’. If you’re tired of your own imagination, I don’t think you’ll regret taking a spin on Mr. Teepee’s. I’ve enjoyed having him in my ear while my hands - - - -


"Anytime, day or night."

This was great. I've had massages for tension relief and painful muscles, and they were fine. This goes just that little bit further, and it relieves tension even better than a typical massage. i've listened to it a number of times and will again. Probably when i don't even feel tense.


CuriosityRules -  "Better than the real thing?"

Listened to this at a time when I was considering going for an actual massage. By the end, I didn't need the real thing (and after this audio, it probably would have been a bit of a letdown anyway!).


Experience the Fantasy - Seminole, FL, United States 

Overall "WOW!!!"

I am no stranger to hypnosis, visualization and meditation techniques and was intrigued by the idea of adding sexuality as a new dimension. First I must comment on the voice of the narrator… melted chocolate… an aural penetration of pure liquid sensuality dripping down my spine. He made it so easy to dive head first into the relaxation and surrender myself to the sensations taking over my body. 
After the training sessions when the triggers were in place, I wickedly played them all over again enjoying the wanton pleasure that raged through me and was left with the bliss one only feels after being thoroughly and completely taken… a sheen of sweat across my flesh and a pot full of honey… utterly exhausted and satisfied in a way I’ve never experienced before. 
The quality of this recording is amazing and was worth 1000 times what I paid for it! More please!!!


"I think my husband would be weirdly jealous if he knew I listened to your recordings...they've really been sex-life changing for me. I take so long to get to that place where I'm ready to orgasm...relaxing [first] with your [audio files] does that for me, every time"