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Penny Amici

I am a firm believer and extreme advocate of Happy Hour. Those two simple words that evoke unrequited feelings of pleasure...
words that can make your mouth water...
Not only in anticipation of that first cocktail, but also in anticipation of the RELAXATION that Happy Hour means. The loosening of that tie, the kicking off of those 3" heels, the pleasure of being able to sink back and unwind with your friends, family or colleagues.

Those few hours of unadulterated, narcissistic indulgence. Ya... that's what I mean...

Oh, and lest I forget to tell you .. I also write erotica! *grin*

You can always find me enjoying drinks, writing about drinks, writing erotic fiction or tweeting smut. But any way you look at it ... cocktails ... are a very large part of my life!


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Who was it that said the brain is our most erotic organ?
Sunday, 28 October 2018  |  Phil

Well, this is a different one: not a conventional story, but a monologue where the lovely MKSK sketches a tempting picture of what she wants out of a relationship. To be honest, it'll probably be disappointing if you're expecting those sexy scenarios and moaning she does so well. This is more a musing about turn-ons and fucket-list items to fulfill, including a lot of classic guys' dreams like public sex and threesomes. The hotness here comes most from the theme itself - the idea of a generous lusty partner always looking to learn/try new things - and of course that silky voice is always a delight. It could hit the spot nicely if you want a more thoughtful kind of fantasy.

Training Daddy's New Pet: Edging your Sub For Men
Thursday, 25 October 2018  |  Jerome

Sweet Precious has all makings of an erotic dream come true. Her style puts your mind in a place that makes you feel you're actually there. Her voice, sound effects, and high energy will make you want to come back for more.

Task Master: Teaching a New Sub A Lesson for Men
Thursday, 25 October 2018  |  Jerome

Sweet Precious has made a BDSM fantasy come true. All the sounds of being there to train her makes it an erotic journey that you will want to continue and not stop.