Orgodollarsİ Listener Loyalty Reward

Orgo$© Redemption

What are Orgo$©? Orgodollars© are part of our loyalty rewards system. When you make a purchase, you will receive one Orgo$(value.05) for each dollar spent.

How do Orgo$© Work?

For every dollar you spend, you earn Orgo$©. There is no limit to the number of Orgo$© you can earn, however, you must earn at least 50 to use them toward your next purchase.

How else can I earn Orgo$©?

Leave a review or feedback on your purchase and receive 20 Orgo$! 

How do I know how many Orgo$© I have?

In your personal account page and in your shopping basket you will see a total of the dollar value available and the amount of points earned.

How do I use my Orgo$©?

At the time of checkout, the store will prompt you to use Orgo$© earned from your personal Orgo$© bank. You can choose to use the Orgo$s© you have in your account, or save them for future purchases. Orgo$ are calculated on a running basis, but do expire after 12 months of initial purchase.

Can I redeem Orgo$© for cash?  

No, Orgo$© cannot be redeemed for cash, but can be used to purchase any of our products.

The Orgo$© program is provided to our loyal customers as a gift. Your earned Orgo$ will always remain (in the 12 month cycle) valid however, we reserve the right to discontinue the loyalty program at any time.