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Making it More Real

Making It Even More Real…

Following on from my last blog, the Library Angels have been at it again. In this week's New Scientist (12th March Vol 229 #3064 pp27-35) Articles on the Female Orgasm, the Power of the Mind, the Placebo effect and the reality of Hypnosis are on consecutive pages. Not content with that, the Angelic Bibliophiles gave me a Mind Guest Blog in Scientific American of the 14th March, on the plasticity of the brain and how we create our own reality through altered memory.

Some of my favourite quotes are: "Discussions about female sexual pleasure involve men arguing about the size of their theories" this from the Conference in Madrid of the European Society of Sexual Medicine. It seems that the 'mystery' of the Female Orgasm is staying that way for now. Then there is; "Placebos are not inert substances: they are made up of verbal suggestions, classical conditioning and a lifetimes associations…" [My Italics]. The article on hypnosis was even richer with thoughts I share. This was just one, "Hypnosis is a medium for delivering placebo effects. Pill colour or shape isn’t hypnosis but … interpersonal communication is… the use of conditioning, expectation, social relationships and a narrative… to change a person's physiology in a way they attribute to an external intervention." Finally from the SA article "...beautiful notion that every day you wake up with a slightly different personal past".

What does this have to do with Directed Erotic Visualisation©? Everything! Sex may be physical but orgasm and climax is intrinsically mental, we come when our brain tells us we are ready to come. We don’t need to have the physical to experience all the varied and delicious pleasures that sex can bring. We only need to be convinced that we are experiencing them.

DEV© delivers in effect, the equivalent of a sexual placebo; everything you could want in a sexual experience or adventure without the side effects. The complications or awkwardness that can accompany experimentation with your sexual nature.

I am the last person to suggest that DEV© should take the place of an objectively real sexual experience; intimacy and the feel of skin on skin is to be treasured, cherished. It's just that sometimes such closeness is impractical, a long distance relationship perhaps. Then there is exploring one's personal sexual boundaries or wanting to overcome reticence or a past bad experience without taking any risks.

DEV© offers very real feeling, physically satisfying, highly erotic encounters and experiences that are unique in their depth of erotic sensation and their power to bring about climax and orgasm.

From some very recent feedback: This is about 'The Bear' a free to download experience, produced for bi-curious and Gay men:

'…incredibly intimate and yet unbelievably intense at the same time. I came so hard. I honestly started listening with the my hand on the button ready to stop it an any moment, sure that as a straight man I would stop you before either of us could get carried away. That moment never came as I surrendered to your voice and your words and allowed you to have your way with me. For the first time in my life I discovered what it would feel like to be filled by another man. To feel that throbbing hugeness fill me up and thrust into me and to feel you cover me and dominate me and ejaculate into me. Jesus this was so hot! I honestly feel like I've been deflowered by gentle loving yet powerful man and even as I tell myself it was a one-time experience, I'm already wondering what it would hurt to listen again. To feel it all again and again and again.'

Then there was this deeply felt and harrowing note from a DEV© listener who used the name 'Survivor':

"I am unable to enjoy sweaty flesh on flesh contact. I was the survivor of a horrendous sexual attack when young that makes the trust necessary to give in to another impossible. I was damaged internally, anally and vaginally and the muscles and tendons in my throat were traumatized to the point where I was unable to swallow comfortably for weeks.

The assault lasted over eight hours and I only escaped by reciting poetry in my head to endure the pain and to avoid giving up. He said my death was his goal.

In time an opportunity presented itself; bloody and nude [I] was able to get to a neighbor’s house. I was a virgin. My apartment looked like a slaughterhouse.

After many years I found the tingle and temptations of my own body made it possible to touch myself and found the amazing relief of orgasm, a new sensation.

Then I found DEV© and have a sense of what it's like to be held and taken with tenderness. The benefits of DEV© are many, and as I’ve seen in previous posts, provide relief for a variety of people for whom a “normal” relationship is hard or impossible. Thank you for your gentleness and for leaving me, and others, with a feeling of all-encompassing love, if even for a little while. And for letting me know all men are not animals."

There is little I can say in response to what was and continues to be a shattering experience that most of us cannot comprehend. Other than to believe that if only a few individuals can benefit in even a small way then there is some use in what we do with Directed Erotic Visualisation©

DEV© is not designed to be a therapy but only an entertainment. If you have experienced sexual trauma or are affected by some of the things I have written about here and in the past, you should seek qualified professional guidance and counselling.




Loved it
Sunday, 12 May 2019  |  Britt

I love this one. Nice and dirty with multiple "scenes".

Sunday, 12 May 2019  |  Britt

I am a big fan of Essemoh but this one was a waste of money. Was expecting more from a XXX.

Beautiful Booty
Friday, 19 April 2019  |  anon

I really enjoyed this new title. Ms. Kitten gives a thrilling performance as usual. What I liked about this recording is it was easy to imagine her in the spooning position. It's a little short at only 10 minutes long, but it is pretty explosive. She knows how to play the role of the adventurous girlfriend very well. Also, who do I give a compliment for the artwork of this album? It is breathtaking.