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Third Time’s a Charm

by Jezebel (Toy Tester in Chief at eSensual Books)


The Satisfyer brand of vibrators have been creating quite a stir as of late and here at The Manor we try to stay on top of…things.

We requested a sample in return for a review and were very pleased when we received not one, but four models to try: The Satisfyer 1 & 2, The Pro Penguin and the Pro Deluxe. (I did not receive a Satisfyer Pro  2.) They all work on the same premise, using short bursts of air that simulate a sucking like motion through a small funnel attached to your clitoris.

Our guest tester was very pleased with the Satisfyer1 and gave it a solid 10. She was able to reach orgasm within three minutes and found the product easy to hold and use. She felt the packaging was nice and displayed the product as it appears out of the box. She did mention that it would be better as a rechargeable (The Penguin and Pro Deluxe are, but the 1 & 2 use [AAA] batteries.). The only issue she had was she would have like it to be easier to turn off. (Searching for the button and holding it down when a child is knocking at the bedroom door to get in might be a bit of a problem for some.)

I decided to try the Satisfyer 2 since I thought it was waterproof,(actually it is the Pro2 model that's waterproof. ) Good move! (Those in the know, understand I am a squirter.)  Thankfully no damage was done!

I have to say that I was really looking forward to trying this since I had heard so much about it.  When DHL inadvertently delivered the package to the wrong house, I wasn’t worried, but anxious. I wanted my Satisfyer.  And I hoped that whoever had received it didn’t open it by mistake- I’d hate to have them bring the opened box to my door!

The box was well packed and arrived in good condition. 3 out of the 4 toys arrived with hygienic seals on the box which is great, but I do prefer to have the boxes plastic wrapped as well.

The instruction booklet did not talk about where to insert the batteries, but with a twist at the base I easily found the compartment. The product was lightweight and easy to hold. The hard-plastic case felt a little cheap, but time will tell how it stands up to rough and regular use.

The first time took 15 mins, (It is recommended you do not use it for any longer than 15) I had a great deal of discomfort and no orgasm. The lowest settings were not enough and to go higher than 4 or 5 was just too uncomfortable. I am a bit of a hair trigger, but it felt as though I had a climax and was too sensitive but I had not actually orgasmed.

The next time I had a friend with me, purely to observe of course, and well, he likes to hold the stopwatch. I was concerned I might orbit straight into an orgasm and not be able to review the toy properly, you understand. He took notes.

I experienced the same set of circumstances until we took a break and stopped trying so hard. It did eventually work and I had several orgasms, but they did not feel like a ‘regular’ clitoral orgasm. When I did come, my muscles clenched and released as I pushed the orgasm out. It was intense. It was almost a combination vaginal/clitoral orgasm, although I had nothing inserted vaginally.

Ah, Success!

No, not yet. I felt less than satisfied even though I had just had 6 or 7 orgasms.  I slept on it, but when I woke, I had to masturbate the old-fashioned way.

But, I was not to be dissuaded from the cause and so I tried again or I didn’t try as the case may be. I was still feeling a little needy before bed and thought: what the heck… Let’s just say, sometimes you have to simply let it happen. I had several of the intense combination orgasms and then finally a big clitoral orgasm that satisfied me. I guess the third time really is a charm.

I have always had a sensitivity issue and I am careful of the toys I choose because of it. I had hoped this would be the answer for me and I am not giving up. I think that it may require me getting use to the sensation and building slowly. I feel that the power settings could be a little more gradual as they increase, especially at the lower end of the scale. Switching up from 3 to 5 made me jump a little to begin with until I had some orgasms under my belt. Then the higher settings were just fine!

I also agree with my guest tester that the toys are a 'slippery when wet' problem. They can be a little hard to operate easily. (At the higher settings, jamming them under a pillow if you are disturbed does not muffle their sound, I know!)

Here at The Manor our favorite rally cry is Practice, Practice, Practice!  I will be trying the Pro Deluxe to see if the rechargeable version is any different than the battery-operated models.

Overall, I give the Satisfyer a 7 out of 10. It is a much nicer sensation then the buzzing of a standard vibrator, for most it is a short time to orgasm, and you are able to experience multiple orgasms without too much clitoral sensitivity.

I think it would work well for those new to vibrators. A plus for some women is that there is no penetration involved, if that is something they wish to avoid and of course, once it is applied to your clit, you don’t have to move it, so it would be a perfect fit for listening to DEV©! Relax, lie back, attach Satisfyer, press play and Experience the Fantasy!

You can find out more about Satisfyer at:

Author’s Note: I used the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe and had much better results. I am not sure if it was my mood or the fact that it is a rechargeable, (although I did have fresh batteries in the Satisfyer 2) but the orgasms started quickly and kept on coming. I pushed through as many -for research of course- as I could until I finally reached the ’it’s the big one, Elizabeth’ phase. I still find the toy uncomfortable on higher speeds, but I believe you need to be aroused before you begin and like any other toy or RL, it works better.

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