Eating Out: Oral for Women while he Strokes

Eating Out: Oral for Women while he Strokes
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JayMasters45 wants to give you a taste of all he has to offer in this Free eSb Audio Erotica Selection. He is hungry for his favorite dish and will be Eating Out until he finds his and -your limit.

eSb Audio Erotica is different from our DEV© experiences but just as arousing! For those looking for an erotic story with a little something more, look no further than eSb Audio Erotica. These experiences usually run between 10 - 30 minutes and while their intent is to arouse, and in many cases bring you to orgasm, the choice is ultimately yours. There is no induction, no commands, and usually, no aftercare, they are simply designed to bring you along on an adventure through story and sound. You may decide it is a form of foreplay or perhaps a one-handed read, but wherever the story leads you we're sure it will be exciting. Enjoy a new way to experience desire with these hot new selections.

Narrated by JayMasters45
For Adults Only: Sexually explicit language and audio imagery combined with guided suggestion.
Warning: Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while listening to this program and for at least half an hour afterwards.

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