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Hold Me? Erotica Anthology

Hold Me? Erotica Anthology
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Hold Me? is an anthology of six stories about six women who want or need something.

The circumstances of them satisfying those needs are very different. Sometimes what they get is a little unexpected.

Kaitlin and Daniel enjoy their sex with a little spice. Kaitlin is the inventive and adventurous partner yet she enjoys surrendering to unimaginative Daniel. What is a girl to do? Explore along with them some sensual delights in Ginger Root that might get you looking at your partner with a speculative fresh eye!

A delicious holiday fantasy comes to life in The Painter. A short story about one day that makes one of those memories that lasts a lifetime. A vacation to rekindle the relationship is not quite working out. A stranger pays very close attention and one thing leads to a hot hotel room and an even hotter conclusion.

A fairytale of mistaken identity and a traditional theme with a twist is what Her Mirror is about. Laura Marie is a hot little tease who enjoys playing sex games. She is getting ready for a celebration when her world changes for ever. Be careful what you wish for!

Moonlight andSand is a short tale about a brief holiday romance. So brief that it lasts only from the night club where she meets Alejandro (Yes, the Lady Ga Ga song!) to a  moonlit beach and a copse of trees. He is not exactly the typical holiday waiter with slim hips and a great ass.

A horny Anthropologist, a cave with some pornographic rock carvings and a pool of cool water; what could possibly happen? You have to read An Offering to discover why Amanda believes she has found a perfect lover.

Blue is so gorgeous, he can barely keep his hands of her. They meet for the first time and yet they seem to know each other intimately. Join them as he follows her to a hotel room in Hold Me? This title story of the anthology has a twist that should make you think.



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Loved it
Sunday, 12 May 2019  |  Britt

I love this one. Nice and dirty with multiple "scenes".

Sunday, 12 May 2019  |  Britt

I am a big fan of Essemoh but this one was a waste of money. Was expecting more from a XXX.

Beautiful Booty
Friday, 19 April 2019  |  anon

I really enjoyed this new title. Ms. Kitten gives a thrilling performance as usual. What I liked about this recording is it was easy to imagine her in the spooning position. It's a little short at only 10 minutes long, but it is pretty explosive. She knows how to play the role of the adventurous girlfriend very well. Also, who do I give a compliment for the artwork of this album? It is breathtaking.