Sunday, 11 November 2012


Let Us Whisper In Your Shellike!

As you may know our signature eBook/audio anthologies have proved to be popular for the technologically savvy consumers of today we don’t want to brag that we were ahead of the curve but this new information from Audible/Amazon was very exciting for us. We have several new projects in the pipeline and hope to take advantage of this exciting new development.

From Beth Anderson, EVP /Audible;

“Whispersync for Voice is an exciting technical advance that many customers have been asking us about for years, a utility that will help them to enjoy their books as quickly as they want, by keeping their places as they switch between audio and text. Now readers who have purchased both a Kindle title from Amazon and an unabridged audio edition of the same book from Audible will be able to move back and forth between devices and media, reading and listening, without losing their place in the book. With any Kindle device or Kindle app (iOS, Android, Cloud, and more), and with the Audible apps for iPhone or Android, the reader can move from reading in his easy chair to listening in the driver’s seat without interrupting the flow of the book.”

Next, because customers will have two modes to experience a great book, we expect this will accelerate their consumption. When readers have more opportunities to enjoy a book, it allows them to finish books more quickly and inspires them to buy more eBooks and audiobooks. 

Immersion Reading is an innovation on another scale altogether. People who own both editions of a book, and who also have the new Kindle Fire HD device, will be able to access both formats simultaneously, reading the highlighted words while also hearing the professionally narrated audio edition. From an educational point of view, this will assist readers with challenging texts, or with mastering English, by giving them the ability to read and hear the text simultaneously. New readers, and struggling, reluctant, or developing readers, will surely benefit from this new, bimodal reading paradigm. Accomplished readers, on the other hand, will simply relish the added pleasure of Immersion Reading, not to mention the side benefits of enhanced retention and comprehension.

Far more people buy and read eBooks than purchase audiobooks. Many readers still have never heard an audiobook. But with Immersion Reading, we’ll expand the audience for audio by introducing those passionate Kindle eBook readers to beautifully narrated audiobooks, with a single click. When reading an eBook that has an audiobook version with which it can sync, the reader will be prompted to listen to a sample of the audio with the click of a button. This not only shows off the synchronizing functionality, but in many cases, may be the first opportunity a reader has had to become a listener. After listening to the sample, the eBook reader will be prompted to “Add narration” to buy the audiobook.

This new technology will explosively expand the audience for incremental eBooks and audiobooks. It will also spur demand for audio editions of eBooks that haven’t previously been recorded, making it even more important than ever to make sure audio rights are exploited. We believe Kindle eBook customers will soon come to expect an audio edition of each eBook they download; therefore we believe that your authors will need to have audio editions of their books. We at Audible are committed to working with you so that each eBook has an audio counterpart.” 

Won’t you join us and submit some writing that will also whisper sweet nothings?

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