Thrills and Chills

Friday, 12 October 2018

All manner of thrills and chills are happening at The Manor this month and the interns have started trying on their sexy costumes. We encourage dress up all year, but during October things get very sexy indeed.

As fall slides in to winter, we have several hot new titles to chase the chill. And at 20% off, why not try a few! Embrace the darkness, and let the power of sound carry you to places you have only dreamed of.

This extended Impossible Lovers for Women experience will have you waking in the night to your own Dream Demon. Do not try to fight it, In My Hands will give no quarter, and your pleas for a break fall on deaf ears as he takes you to passion over and over again.

Jezebelhas been waiting for you. 100 years in the making, this paranormal Impossible Lovers for Men experience  will  give you the gift of her innocence over and over again, but only one day out of the year. It's your anniversary and she is Forever Yours!

Let the Adventure with Essemoh begin! You have wondered for so long what it would be like to meet Essemoh in person and in this titillating new eSb Audio Erotica series you are going to find out. 9 sexy audio singles to carry you through from that first meeting to the final pleasure. Collect them all in sequence with these special bundle values.

Forenza ASMR may sound like a sweet girl, but in this Triple XXX Impossible Lovers for Men experience, she is anything but. You asked for it and she is going to give all you can handle and more. Just lie back and relax, your Evil Mistress will handle everything. Do exactly as she says and no one gets hurt... Warning: contains anal play

The wait for Essemoh to tend to his little one has been worth it. In this episode he gets his girl all clean--then dirty all over again! The Daddy 3 from the eSb Audio Erotica collection are sure to satisfy. Now be a good girl and listen to my words...

What do you think: Is she a Saint or a Sinner? In this hot and dirty eSB Audio Erotica selection you will find yourself wishing for and receiving both!  When it comes to pleasure Ms Kitten does not discriminate or quibble over titles, her only thought is to please you again and again.

All manor of ghouls and goblins are about on All Hallows Eve and anything can happen. When Essemoh is involved, it is always something deliciously sexy. Close your eyes and open yourself to the possibilities in 31st , a thrilling Fantasy Sex for Women experience. Who could that be ringing your door bell?

Jezebel has always had special powers. When she wants you, all she has to do is call out to you and you will not be able to resist.  Nor will you want to in Bewitched, this super hot Fantasy Sex for Men experience. Close your eyes and listen, I think she is calling you.

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As an effort to provide a subscription based service we have now set up our Patreon account to reflect these options. For the price of one audio, you will be able to choose from and select up to 12 experiences! 

That's correct, I said 12 erotic audio fantasies. 

@Club_eSensual will give you access to monthly themed audio selections on eSb including our exclusive New Releases! You will also receive exclusive Patreon audio content, podcasts, erotic fiction, a fabulous place to just hang out and so much more! Visit us and discover the sexy fun we have at The Club! 

Orgo$ are piling up again don’t forget to use them for instant savings on top of our SALE prices. Our thrilling and chilling selections are offered at 20% off this month.

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