#International Masturbation Month

Friday, 10 May 2019

it is International  Masturbation Month or as we like to call it, Masturbation May at The Manor and the halls are buzzing with activity! The more you play, the more you want to. If you followed us last year for the 30 day Orgasm Challenge, you know just how good regular masturbation can be. A mood lifter, a way to stay energized and just all around feel good fun, masturbation is essential to health and wellbeing.

There are many styles and scenarios when it comes to self-pleasure and none of them are right, or wrong, the most important thing is to just enjoy. If you're looking to mix things up, check out our new Masturbation May releases and enjoy your me time along with your favorite voices.

Ms Wynter is Coming and you will be too. Based on a popular fantasy series, this Impossible Lovers for Women experience is sure to please. Essemoh takes you deep into the story where forbidden love needs release and you'll both find it, together.

Jezebel can't sleep and she needs more than a Dream Lover in this Impossible Lovers for Men experience. Sleepily you answer the phone and it isn't long before you are both satisfied enough to drift back to dreamland.

Ms Kitten is restless and thinking of you in this late night eSb Audio Erotica experience. Unable to talk you , when Midnight rolls around she does what any girl would do to ease the pressure all the while recording you a special message.

Essemoh needs to touch you and isn't willing to wait in this exciting eSb Audio Erotica Series.  Sleepily you answer his call and when he asks: Make a little room in your bed for me, you simply slide over and give in to your Night Caller.

New isn't always better! Here is a selection of some of our most popular Masturbation titles.

A woman knows a woman's body, and in a search for the sometimes elusive G-Spot, many other pleasures will be found along the way to Finding the Sweet Spot. Let Jezebel guide you on a sensual experience to get to know your body better. This experience in the Better Sex Series is a must for all women looking for more pleasure. Put a towel down!

Reprising some of the best experiences in our Archives; Ms Kitten wouldn't dream of missing Spanksgiving and in this eSb Audio Erotica experience she will tell you there is nothing she loves more than pulling out her toy box and performing: For My Master.

Essemoh loves to invite guests to The Manor and in this Impossible Gay Lovers experience not only will you be the center of their attention, in this House Party episode, he has opened his Toy Box!

Jezebel gives you a Peep Show that you will not easily forget in this voyeuristic Impossible Lovers for Men experience. You are looking out of your window. Her light goes on and you settle in for some very hot viewing.

There's a New Girl in town and she wants  you to get to know her very well in this sexy eSb Audio Erotica selection. Oh_reaally may be new, but you will never forget her after you hear just what she can do for you!

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