Happy Holidays

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Seems like just yesterday we were talking New Year's Resolutions and here we are about to celebrate the holidays again! And this year the full moon arrives on the solstice, so, the longest night will not be too dark and will probably be full of surprises.

We want to sincerely thank you for another record year at eSb . Without your support, encouragement and suggestions we would not be able to bring you the quality audio you deserve.  We encourage you to continue to send comments and suggestions about what you want in the new year. After all, there is nothing we love more than pleasing you.

The Manor halls have been decked and the interns are packing to return home for the holidays with their families, but before we lock the doors and turn off the electronics, all that is left to do is to wish you and yours the happiest of holidays. Whatever you celebrate at this time of year, we hope that your time is full of peace and love spent with those who matter most.

This is the best time of year to snuggle up close to those you love and enjoy the quiet peace of winter- (for some of us anyway.) Of course, sometimes snuggling can lead to more and with our collection of holiday favorites you have plenty of sexy audio to keep the home fires burning. And with our holiday 30% off gift to you , why not try these new titles:

Ms Kitten is going to show you just how full up her holiday  schedule is in this hot and dirty eSb Audio Erotica selection.  She can never get enough and in this instance Santa has left her not one, but 2 Toys to use for your viewing pleasure!

You know how much Jay Masters45 likes taking you hard and  this eSb Audio Erotica selection is no different. Listen in on just how hard as he takes you 4 Ways from Behind. It feels like the pleasure will never stop.

John Doe: 2 is back in this second installment of the popular Impossible Lovers for Women series. This time you step back in time at a Renaissance Faire, but Essemoh cant quite remember what is real or not. Dont worry, you'll have a chance to train him to please you over and over again.

Ms Kitten has taken a new job as The Temp in your office. With this exquisite eSb Audio Erotica Selection it will feel like the holiday season every time you go in to work. Miss Kitten takes her responsibilities very seriously!

Or try these classics:
Jezebel is on her way to you for a special holiday tryst in this romantic Impossible Lovers for Men experience. Twinkling lights , a roaring fire and a hot bath make for a cosy night in. You have waited so long and she is finally here, all you have to do is Believe.

Have you been a naughty girl this year? It appears that you are on Krampus' list. A shiver runs down your spine --you know he is going to punish you if you don't see the error of your ways, the only problem is the more discipline you receive, the naughtier you become. Let Essemoh guide you in this spine tingling Triple XXX Fantasy Sex for Women experience.

Santa wants to know if Grace's Grove has been a good little girl in this spectacular holiday eSb Audio Erotica experience. When he asks if she's been Naughty or Nice, he is pleased to hear she is very , very naughty. Now she will receive the best gift of all, pure pleasure!

As the sun sets on the Longest Night, there is no place you would rather be then with Essemoh in front of a crackling fire. With so many hours to spend together in this Impossible Gay Lovers experience he will make all your holiday wishes come true.

You have so much to do over the holidays and all you asked NotWhoRoseThinks for was a little help with the lights. In this eSbAudio Erotica experience, not giving him clear directions leads to an argument that you are more than happy to lose when you find that being Bound by Tradition is very festive indeed!

And dont forget to download your holiday freebies, like this new one:

JayMasters45 sees you watching him at the party and the tension...is getting thick. In this sensational eSb Audio Erotica selection when the ball finally drops, you will definitely be having a Happy New Year!

Hurry and finish your last minute shopping, Gaelforce is waiting for you by the tree and  he is dressed all in red. Well, what little he is wearing...I hope you have been very naughty because he is your own very, very Bad Santa. White Christmas indeed!

Jezebel is at her most alluring and exciting in this Impossible Lovers for Men experience . Christmas is a time for giving and she gives you all that you might want.-and then some. Happy Holidays

Santa Calls: an erotic experience for Women. Essemoh is feeling naughty in this festive fun audio. Santa is looking for something more than milk and cookies. "Define naughty, Santa?"

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