Classic Summer Rewind

Friday, 10 August 2018

National Orgasm day has come and gone but here at The Manor we think every day is National Orgasm day! In case you need some inspiration check out these hot new experiences.

And please show some love to The Manor's latest virgin artist... a sizzling new BFF experience from the lovely and talented Forenza ASMR.

Jezebel has been waiting too long and in this urgent Impossible Lovers for Men experience and she wont wait a minute more. Even though you only have one day together, she will give you enough memories until you meet again Same Time, Next Year.

A Day with Essemoh is a fabulous 24 hour serial eSb Audio Erotica experience! Each hour of the day brings a new erotic scene to excite you as well as a great deal of very sensual sex to enjoy. The final episode will make for a very Good Night indeed.  Collect all the episodes and let Essemoh plan your day.

Sweet Precious has been on holiday and wants to tell you all about. Listen in on this sexy call from the eSb Audio Erotica collection as she gives the details of her Sinful Summer. In this episode, she is just Getting There but the fun begins, long before she arrives.

He is simply known as John Doe. And in this Impossible Lovers for Women experience you have a new opportunity to train him each and every day! Amnesia may have taken his memory away, but with a little guidance he will please you just as you instruct him to. Essemoh as you have never heard him before!

In this Impossible Lesbian Lovers experience nothing is more fun than some Pillow Talk with an exciting new friend. Forenza ASMR knows just what to say--and do, to make it your best sleepover one yet!

Miss Kitten is up to tricks again in this steamy eSb Audio Erotica winner. When she wants you,  she will find you even if it is a public Locker Room. Watch out, she's coming...

Not quite enough for you? Check out the Classic Summer Rewind Category for some of our most popular titles from the past. No expiration date here, DEV is the gift that always keeps on giving.

You have made a mess and now Daddy is going to give you a spanking. The wait for Essemoh to tend to his little one has been worth it. The Daddy Phile's from the eSb Audio Erotica collection are sure to satisfy. Now be a good girl and listen to my words...

Essemoh's new Daddy Phile's are stirring up listeners far and wide. This new eSb Audio Erotica series is a cant miss experience. Now, be a good girl and listen for yourself!

As an effort to provide a subscription based service we have now set up our Patreon account to reflect these options. For the price of one audio, you will be able to choose from and select up to 12 experiences! 

That's correct, I said 12 erotic audio fantasies. 

@Club_eSensual will give you access to monthly themed audio selections on eSb including our exclusive New Releases! You will also receive exclusive Patreon audio content, podcasts, erotic fiction, a fabulous place to just hang out and so much more! Visit us and discover the sexy fun we have at The Club! 

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