Winter Warm Up

Monday, 15 January 2018

They say today is the bluest day of the year. The Holidays are over for most and the long cold winter has settled in for many of us. Cabin Fever can be a serious drag, but here at The Manor we like to view the glass as half-full.

Being trapped inside leaves plenty of time to Experience the Fantasy! Not everyone has the luxury of staying in or maybe the schools are closed and you are not alone, but self-care is important during the long grey days, so, plan some time for sensual fun. Orgasms create dopamine, dopamine creates happiness, happiness makes you want more and so on...  make a resolution to experience some form of pleasure every day and before you know it spring will be here.

This months theme is Resolutions or Regrets and you are certain to find an experience to make the days--and nights warmer!  

NotWhoRoseThinks is a man on a mission in this powerful eSb Audio Erotica experience. He is Resolute in his goal and knows exactly what you need: More Pleasure!

Grace's Grove is not going to let you get away this time in this exquisite eSb Audio Erotica selection. Many dread their high school Reunion, but this time you will be so glad you came.

Essemoh is an equal opportunity seducer. You may only be Curious, but everyone finds him hard to resist and in this delicious Impossible Gay Lovers experience you will be so glad you said, Yes!

Jezebel's mantra is No Regrets.  In this down and dirty Impossible Lovers for Men experience, she wants  to celebrate your taking a chance on the unique pleasure only she can provide. So many memories and what better way to celebrate than by making some new ones!

It is a New Year and with Essemoh's firm hand leading the way, you should Resolve to try new things. Step outside your comfort zone and experience bliss in this extended Impossible Lovers for Women BDSM experience.

Ms Kitten likes it messy. In this hot and dirty eSb Audio Erotica experience you will find clean up can be fun too. Come on and Make a Mess with Me!

A Day with Essemoh is a fabulous 24 hour serial eSb Audio Erotica experience! Each hour of the day brings a new erotic scene to excite you as well as a great deal of very sensual sex to enjoy. In this Early Afternoon collection: an exciting grocery shop, a sexy lunch and a warm, special nap. Collect all the episodes and let Essemoh plan your day.

It is also a great time to check out our Winter Warm Up selections from the eSb library:

In this Impossible Lesbian Lovers experience, a sexy coworker has given Jezebel an indication she is interested.  A cabin in the woods, a blizzard, and a little team building make being Snow Bound  the best Day Away yet.

Sometimes a sunny winter holiday abroad is just what you need to discover what lies inside your deepest fantasies. Essemoh already knows and in this Impossible lovers for Women experience he will make them come true. Lie back, relax and experience the warmth of Winter Sunburn.

Jezebel is up to tricks again! Another Snow Day is causing some cabin fever and she needs to release her pent up energy. What better way to work out her frustrations than by offering you-- everything in this exciting Impossible Lovers for Men experience? You know once she gets started, it is so very hard to stop her!

There is nothing like a brisk day on the mountain to get your juices flowing and your muscles aching. In this Impossible Gay Lovers experience, a soak in the hot tub is more than relaxing when Essemoh joins you to assist in working out all your kinks-and his as well! This Ski Slope Seduction will make you shiver.

The stress of the holiday season has really taken a toll, but when Gaelforce kisses and caresses you in front of the warm fire, the stress fades and a Slow Burn begins. Baby it's cold outside! Warm up more than your toes in this hot Impossible Lovers for Women experience.

New in our FREE content section are a few favorites from the archives.

CWTCH! - Classic There is an element of intimacy, earnestness and ownership in this Welsh word that the closest English equivalents, "cuddle", "snuggle" and "hug" lack. This Impossible Lovers for Women audio is one of the most popular with women of all ages. It is about being  safe in the arms of another who truly desires you, cared for and loved. A really great way to unwind and get ready to drift off to sleep in their arms; Take Essemoh  to bed with you on a cold winter's night...

There is something very special about morning sex, it sets you up for the day to come...and you will with Memories of Jezebel. One of Jezebel's most desirable characteristics is that she just can never get enough of you. Although your night time together was interrupted by many sensual experiences she still wakes bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready for a great deal more in this Classic DEV experience.

Machine Sex Bound and helpless at the mercy of an implacable machine. A Triple XXX experience of bondage and machine sex, that goes on and on. You are bound and helpless and the Master, Essemoh uses you unmercifully. The intensity keep going up and up, climax building on climax until you feel you are going to explode with unbearable pleasure.

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