Reflections of 2017

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Here at The Manor we are busily getting ready for a night of decidedly decadent festivities, but we have spent the last few days looking back on 2017. While a very difficult year in many respects, we are grateful for another successful year at eSb.

The many new voices we have been pleased to share with you in the past year have given our site a spark of creativity. We are grateful to all the fabulous artists that have shared their talent with us and you.

The culmination of this new venture was the wildly popular EEAFA Awards ceremony in which many of our collaborators were nominated and awarded for their talent and hard work. We look forward to these ‘fan based’ awards becoming an annual event at eSb.

As we move in to 2018, we look forward to providing you with the best possible content along with lots of freebies, contests and more. New voices will continue to lead you down the path to pleasure and favourite performers will continue to share their sensual gifts.

And most importantly, we are grateful for you, our listeners. Without you, none of this would have been possible. You made suggestions and we listened. And we will keep on listening, so we can give you what you desire most. You know here at The Manor we believe in giving until it hurts… speaking of delightful pain, Essemoh was discussing our most popular audios and here is what he had to say:

Reflection on 2017

Nearly at the very last day of what has proven to be perhaps one of the more bizarre years. In the past few decades of not just this, but also the last century!

However, I am not going to be drawn into the ongoing debates and discussions about politics or society in general. Instead I am going to ‘stick to my knitting’.

It is now official the two most popular Directed Erotic Visualisation© audio experiences for 2017 are:

A Shocking Experience! A BDSM based experience aimed at women, of surrender and submission with some extreme sensual and erotic sex play. It has the listener being drawn down into a familiar dungeon setting with many doors to rooms containing different experiences. The chosen door has a distinct BDSM theme, containing a leather and chrome chair with the anticipated restraints. The experience goes on to explore the exciting possibilities of electro-erotic stimulation. Something that clearly interests many adventurous souls, but possibly more in fantasy than the reality?

The great power of DEV© in that a listener can experience, in convincing virtual reality, something that they might otherwise shy away from.

I have written several pieces in my blog about the attractions of surrender and submission. Things I learned from working with collaborators who derived pleasure and satisfaction from such things. Their particular surrender was in deciding to give me the power through Directed Erotic Visualisation© to make choices for them, knowing that I would reward their trust with consideration for their pleasure (and multiple orgasms of course.)

Those who know me well will tell you that it is not my nature to surrender. I prefer to be in control. To command, demand and bring others to pleasure as I so choose. I suppose you might call me a Dominant man who pays attention. What I have found is that it takes a degree of intelligent self-awareness to surrender choice, one has to actively want to explore their own nature.

The second most popular DEV© audio was designed for men. SEXBOT explores the cutting-edge fascination with sex and robots. Huge sums of money are being sunk into ventures that seek to create androids which have the capacity to erotically engage with men.

The drive to create artificially intelligent robot partners that men can have sex with must be puzzling to most women. For many women, sex should be an emotional connection, how could that be possible with a machine? It probably speaks more to the male psyche, that of our biological programming, than anything deeper.

Much has been written recently about men not understanding their role as society changes and a variety of other justifications for the trend. I think it is much simpler, it is because we can. It is a teenage boy’s sex fantasy dream to have a girl to play with, no strings attached (pun intended) or consequences. We men rarely grow up very much, so a robot girl to play with is a reasonable substitute.

The difference with the DEV© audio SEXBOT is that the listener has a very attentive and sexy human female guide to show them around the sex robot club. The action gets so hot that your guide can’t help herself from showing her excitement which makes the experience even more intense for the listener.

The fresh insight made me reconsider several of the early audio productions about submission. These stood out in my mind as particular experiences worth re visiting:

Relax into Passion, Denial of Orgasm and Triggers are intensely erotic and sensual immersive sexual experiences

Please Me and Taking Directions were created for those who wished to surrender and submit a little more, to give up control of their body and pleasure to experience a greater depth of sensation and orgasm.

Orgasm Command and Orgasm Surrender are more extreme examples of sexual submission to another's will.

Continuing with the pleasure pain BDSM theme, the experiences Dungeon Sex, St Andrews Cross and Return to My Special Place all offer deeply erotic and immersive adventures into the potentials of submission, orgasm and subspace.

As a consequence of significant demand from Gay listeners several DEV© experiences were created with similar themes of surrender and submission. Particular examples are the First Time series; Let Me Be Your First, First Time Anal and First Time Massage.

Moving into the BDSM area is of course Dungeon and Where!

Although our male listeners it seems, are less anxious to be dominated, the popular choices again visit the theme of not having to make the choice. You might want to try: Cuckold: Share and Share Alike, Don’t You Dare an intense edging experience or the very popular Evil Twins a tag team audio with zero room for saying no.

There are many, many more experiences available to enjoy but these few may have escaped your notice. If you have a passion for or interest in surrender and submission, give them a try.

New audios arrive January 12th and we will be talking about resolutions and regrets. Of course, here at The Manor we have only one resolution for 2018: give more pleasure!

Directed Erotic Visualisation© making the world better One Orgasm at a time. - Don't leave without yours!