Happy Spanksgiving!

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Wow! the #eeafa's were a huge success and it has taken a while to get everyone settled back to work at The Manor after all the festivities. We hope you have had a chance to listen to the ceremony and that all your favorites came out on top. Of course, you know you have to vote... 

We have already begun work on next year's ceremony which will be bigger and better than ever. The fans have spoken: thousands of you voted and the fans, winners, and nominees are looking forward to next year as well.

Thank you to all the fans, nominees, and everyone at The Manor who worked so hard to put this together.  We have said it before, and we will say it again, every thing we do, we do for you, our listeners. It is your support and encouragement  that motivates us to continue bringing you the best of the best in audio erotica.

And here we are, Spanksgiving already! Everyone's favorite time of the year is stuffed full of exciting new audio experiences for your pleasure. The holidays can be a stressful time, so, lie back, relax, and press play. I think you'll find that very soon all the tension will melt away leaving peace and satisfaction in its place.

Sometimes you feel like a naughty boy, but with Essemoh doling out the punishment, you can be sure there will be pleasure involved too. This Impossible Gay Lovers experience offers the best of both worlds. You have been a very bad boy, now Bend Over and take it like a man!

MsKitten would dream of missing Spanksgiving and in this eSb Audio Erotica experience she will tell you there is nothing she loves more than pulling out her toy box and performing: For My Master.

#eeafa award winner Essemoh Teepee has quite the fantasy experience for you in this Impossible Lovers for Women tour de force! Castle Keep is over 40 minutes and full of all manner of decadent-- and quite intense surprises. Step inside, I'll keep you safe, get ready for a Spanksgiving night you will never forget. Not for the feint of heart...

#eeafa award winner Grace's Grove is giving you her all in this extended XXX Impossible Lovers for Men experience. Spanksgiving is one of Grace's favorite holidays and there is nothing that makes her want you more than a Wet Spanking. Wont you give it to her?

A trip to visit The Sitter brings a wave of nostalgia in this Impossible Lesbian Lovers experience. You are instantly a child again when Jezebel reminds you what a naughty girl you were, but now,  she uses a different type of discipline to control your wild ways- or quite possibly to just set them free again! It has been a while since anyone has taken you over their knee..

We are always excited to present new voices to you here at eSb and this time is no exception! Please give a warm welcome to NotWhoRoseThinks! He has been performing for a while now on GWA and Literotica, but you can now find him here. Not sure about someone new? We always like to let you "try before you buy "  so check out the latest free selection by NWRT !

Have you been a naughty girl? NotWhoRoseThinks has a reward just for you in this hot new eSb audio erotica selection for Spanksgiving. Don't worry in this Rewards Program you'll be happy to rack up the extra points!

It is Spanksgiving and you need to learn an important lesson. Luckily, NotWhoRoseThinks is oh, so wiling to teach it to you in this eSb Audio Erotica selection. What you need to learn kitten, is Patience.

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