Treats , no tricks!

Friday, 6 October 2017

It is our favorite time of year at The Manor when all manner of ghouls and goblins are left t to run free and create all kinds of sexy havoc!  The interns are busy preparing for the costume party near month's end and it will be quite the festive event as it takes place after the #eeafa eSensual Erotic Audio Fan Awards ceremony.

Thousands of you voted and the results are being tallied as we speak. It is shaping up to be a well rounded representation of your favorites, some are even quite a surprise! Thank you for taking the time to vote. The ceremony, scheduled for October 31st, will be available in a podcast. The next best thing to being there...

 You are tired from the journey, but don't worry, Jezebel has room at The Inn for you in this scintillating Impossible Lovers for Men experience. Relax by the fire and sip on this cocktail, it just might be a Love Potion that will keep you coming back for more.

Mirror, mirror on the wall... how much pleasure will you give me? Almost more than you can stand in this XXX Impossible Lovers for Women experience! Essemoh will guide you to the most extreme pleasure and you will never look in Her Mirror the same way again. From the popular erotic short story - read it for free when you purchase this audio!

MS Kitten can be very demanding,  but in this incredibly hot eSb AudioErotica experience you will find yourself begging for more of her devilish attentions as you ask for the Kiss of the Succubus .

Essemoh knows what you need and in this Impossible Gay Lovers experience he enlists the aid of a very demanding friend. Just sleep now, and dream of waking between not one, but  2 Incubus lovers.

You're not sure that walking alone after dark was such a good idea, especially at this time of year. When another gal offers to walk with you, you can't seem to resist. Your desire for Jezebel turns into something else when realise her needs are very particular and she may not be exactly what you expected . Experience the Fantasy in  Bitten a  paranormal Impossible Lesbian Lovers experience.

Surprize!: this highly erotic experience in the Impossible Lovers for Women series has a paranormal twist in the tail! This FREE audio is a 3D Holophonic sensation and Essemoh will be sending shivers down your spine. The ShapeShifter is ready to turn in to a ferocious pleasure giver.

Jezebel is a lusciously erotic phantom in this Classic DEV from the Archives. She is Hauntingly Familiar and needs your desire to materialise and enjoy the pleasures of her flesh once more. You are the lucky object of her lust and she will do anything to arouse and satisfy you in this classic Fantasy Sex for Men experience from the vaults. This Familiar will Haunt your memories for a long time. A FREE Halloween treat!

A myth as old as time is now a delicious fantasy made real. Half-man, half-beast, The Centaur desires you and will have his way. Feel the power as this magnificent creature gives you pleasure you will not soon forget in this Triple XXX Fantastic Creatures experience  from Essemoh ! 

All manor of ghouls and goblins are about on All Hallows Eve and anything can happen. When Essemoh is involved, it is always something deliciously sexy. Close your eyes and open yourself to the possibilities in 31st, a thrilling Fantasy Sex for Women experience. Who could that be ringing your door bell? FREE for a limited time!

Jezebel has always had special powers. When she wants you, all she has to do is call out to you and you will not be able to resist.  Nor will you want to in Bewitched, this super hot Fantasy Sex for Men experience. Close your eyes and listen, I think she is calling you. FREE for a limited time!

All of these exciting new titles and more at the incredible savings of Buy One, Get One 50 % OFF! 

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