Back to School

Friday, 15 September 2017

Seems that everywhere we turn, there is more bad news as of late. Politics, natural disasters, civil wars.  We try to remember with tragedy and suffering, we also see the goodness in humanity. The people that have stepped up, volunteered, and risked so much for a total stranger. Those voices that take a chance they may be heard and make a difference. It would be a better world if we saw this every day, but the media knows that bad news sells "papers.' Don't believe all that you hear, believe in the goodness of mankind, too. For all of our listeners that have been effected by recent challenges,  we send positive thoughts and encouragement.

It is Back to School month at the Manor and we have some great new audios to help you celebrate. Fall is in the air and the days already grow shorter. Life is busy enough, but with school aged children at home it can be a non stop day.  You've been shopping for uniforms and supplies, now, treat yourself to a little 'me' time and unwind with a new audio experience. And enjoy 20% off all your school supplies here at eSb through the end of the month. 

The Desert Heat is quite powerful in this blistering hot new eSb AudioErotica selection from Grace's Grove. This Archaeology Professor is going to make your explorations quite the sexy adventure!

This Impossible Gay Lovers experience will have you glad that Professor Essemoh has asked you to be the Class Member that stays after the session. Overwhelmed by his attention, you can't resist his forceful advances and why would you want to?

Ms KittenSK wants to assist you with any problems you might have, just visit the Student Councellor for her own special brand of assistance. You'll love going to school in this sexy eSb Audio Erotica Selection!

It's your last year of college and you have had a crush on Professor Essemoh for a while. When he calls you My Studentthe sound of possession makes you tingle, and once he locks the door, there are plenty of sensations waiting in this BDSM romp in the Impossible Lovers for Women Series.

You have been a naughty boy and the Head Mistress has called you to her office. Eve's Garden is on her knees showing you how to behave in this super hot Impossible Lovers for Men experience.

Spend A Day with Essemoh! In this special serialised esb Audio Erotica selection, it will be a Good Morning indeed! Wake to his gentle touch at 6AM, enjoy a sensual shower at 7AM and join Essemoh for a very sexy breakfast at 8AM. This will be a day you will never want to end. And with the sensational Value Pack, you receive three audios for the price of one!

There is till time to get your votes in for your favorite erotic audio artists! Voting has started to taper off, but there are many surprises in the early results. You have until October 1st to cast your votes, and reward your favorites for giving so much pleasure.

We chose to promote fan based awards rather than accept nominations from producers and publishers, because so many of these fine talents interact with their listeners, creating a real community of goodwill and shared pleasure. We know you have a vested interest in the continued success of your favourite performers.

Along with the voting, we have released many of the nominated audios for you to listen to before you vote.  Most of these are FREE for a limited time, so check them out here: #eeafa Nominees

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