Sizzling Summer Holidays

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

It is hard to believe that August is already here. Where has the summer gone? We hope you still have some late season holiday plans and if you dont, we have come up with a host of sizzling hot new audios  that will make any staycation or away vacation much more enjoyable.

Nominations have been pouring in for the #EEAFA awards and soon voting will begin. It is not too late to nominate your favorites, you have until August 15th. Make sure to check back and look for the short list soon. Voting opens the 18th.

It is 10 AM do you know where your Essemoh is? "After that Car Trip, this is the challenge of buying sexy underwear, can I restrain myself when I see you in the changing room? A Day With Essemoh is a weekly series of audios chock full of one sexy hour after another. Support @club_eSensual on Patreon now and binge Listen to the series!  For the price of a couple of coffees in the store cafe you could experience all of this and much more as a Patron. Consider supporting us to keep producing these audios.

Grace's Grove wants to take you far away from it all . Actually, she will take you all the way. And when you ask her to go Skinny Dipping she gladly joins you. Come in, the water is very fine in this eSbAudio Erotica selection.

You have waited for this holiday and in this Impossible Lovers for Women experience it doesnt take long before your favorite bartender, Voice of a Rockstar is is offering you a very special Cocktail of the Day--it's sure to become your favorite tropical drink!
You remember, dont you? Perhaps it was a teacher or a sexy friend of your parents? A sensual older woman you admired from afar?  In Cougar Holiday a hot day partying on the beach turns even hotter when Jezebel takes you by the hand and shows you all she has learned about giving the most exquisite pleasure. It is time to say YES to this Fantasy Sex for Men experience.
Essemoh has invited you to his Pool Party and asks you bring nothing but yourself. In this sizzling hot Impossible Gay Lovers experience the only thing that will satisfy his needs is you!
MissKittenSK is having a Pool Party and you are her very special guest. She has been waiting for you and in this steamy Impossible Lovers for Men experience her patience is waning. Just come here, behind the pool house...
A young women takes a sunny beach holiday to recover from break up in this Impossible Lesbian Lovers experience. Her tears are soon washed away by Jezebel, an experienced woman who is determined to show her pleasure comes in many forms.  Their meting may be chance, or perhaps it is Destiny.

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