Long, hot summer...

Friday, 28 July 2017
Normally, we like to take things a little easier in the summer time, but with the exciting news of the eSensual Erotic Audio Fan Awards, The Manor has become a hotbed of activity! We have begun the nomination process and look forward to announcing the shortlist in late August.  

We felt the gap in recognition of the many fine artists ot there working hard for your pleasure and wanted to reward them for their efforts. Read the latest press release here:  

eSensual Group has launched the first Annual eSensual Erotic Audio Fan Awards or EEAFA’s, to profile talented Artists and Producers, and directly involve the fans of the Erotic Audio medium!
Recent press reports claim that audio is outperforming all other forms of storytelling. The Erotic Audio market is an important part of that success, and we want to celebrate the achievements of the Erotic Audio medium and showcase the talent giving satisfaction to so many listeners. These loyal and supportive fans are fueling the growing market and deserve a platform to be heard.
The eSensual mission to provide quality, curated, erotic audio has proved successful; we continue to experience steady commercial growth providing us the opportunity to work with more and more narrators and creators of quality audio erotica. This important international market is often overlooked as are the many great artists active in this popular field. We would like to acknowledge their efforts with some recognition and Kudos.
This year, the inaugural live online Awards ceremony will be held on October 31. Fan nominations are in progress now and we look forward to announcing the shortlist soon so voting may begin.

Please make sure to go to the awards page and nominate your favorites before it is too late. Nominations close August 15th!

As if that is not enough, we have also released an incredible selection of Fetish Audios this month!

Grace's Grove wants to take you shopping in this incredible eSb Audio Erotica experience. Don't be embarrassed, no one will know it is Your Lingerie. And oh, it will feel so good when you are slipping and sliding together.

Teddy snuggles up very close in this TripleXXX Impossible Lovers for Women experience. Let Essemoh take you back to a simpler time when your furry little stuffed animal was a source of constant comfort--and pleasure!

Smell the rich Leather...feels so smooth against your skin in this exclusive eSb Audio Erotica experience for men. Miss KittenSK wants to wrap her gloved hand around you and give you all you need... and more!

You have been a naughty boy and Jezebel is going to punish you in this extreme 43 minute TripleXXX Impossible Lovers for Men experience. And if you're a very good boy, she may just reward you--after you get that Latex very clean and shiny!

Remember the days of gym class, the tingle from being so close while wrestling with your mates? Essemoh is in top form in this Impossible Gay Lovers experience and you will soon be begging to be Pinned!

Things have really been heating up over at Club_eSensual on Patreon as well! Jezebel has released a  great BFE  titled Hard Day :It has been a long Hard Day and Jezebel wants to make it all better. Lie back and relax, I know just how to help you unwind! This scintillating Impossible Lovers for Men experiece is available only on PATREON.

Essemoh wants to give even more in in the fantastic new Spend a Day with Essemoh Series, your day has just gotten a lot better! The weekly serialised DEV© experiences begin with an early morning wake up, then a very wet shower followed by a ravenous Essemoh leading you to the kitchen for a little breakfast. These 3 episodes are available now only on Patreon. Catch up now and start your day a better way!

New and FREE this month, we Welcome the lovely Eve's Garden to The Manor! Her first Selection: Sweet Spot will have you relaxed and comfortable as she encourages you to find your most sensitive spot and patiently take full advantage of it and her popular HypnoticErotic will have you hanging on her every word as she leads you straight to incredible pleasure! These sexy eSb Audio Erotica selections will have you begging for more and we hope to see Eve here at The Manor often!

August's theme will be holidays/vacations and the crew at The Manor are working hard to create some peaceful, relaxing, and yet, hot and exciting new experiences for you!

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