What Price an Orgasm?

Friday, 7 July 2017
Essemoh Teepee
Directed Erotic Visualisation© or DEV© is all about orgasms, in this regard it is an audio experience uniquely designed, written and produced to deliver that goal. This feedback from one recent listener is typical of that received over the ten years of DEV© history.

I was very surprised at how this recording made me feel...I didn't put any stock in this at first but thought I would give it a try...and this recording worked well beyond what I had expected...one of the few things that actually could make me orgasm alone.

This is a common journey for many. First there is the skepticism, or reluctant hesitation to try what is often confused with simple erotic hypnosis. Then there is the ‘oh well, I’ll give it a go’ decision. Finally, and more often than not, there is the surprise at and pleasurable satisfaction with what is delivered with nothing more than a voice in the ears through an .mp3 device and a pair of ear-buds.

DEV© is different from ordinary erotic audio or audio erotica. These are usually sexy and arousing storytelling or suggestive moans and sounds, designed to help the listener fantasize as they masturbate. The so called ‘one handed read’, or listen. DEV© is unique in delivering an ‘altered state’ of arousal, a relaxed and sensitive frame of mind with a focus on the sensuality of a well-crafted scene or fantasy. As the above feedback and many others have noted, ‘one of the few things that actually could make me orgasm alone’.

So what is an orgasm worth?

This is something that I, Jezebel and the people at eSensual Group have spent a great deal of time discussing and researching.

Well, Gwyneth Paltrow may think it's worth it for a $15,000 24-karat gold dildo (even as a joke!). We could have considered a cheaper diamond studded steel dildo at $2,0000 but we wanted to be a little more down to earth.

Let’s look at some (more reasonably priced) products that are designed to deliver orgasms.

A Vibease vibrator can cost around $119, supply your own imagination and fantasy* to get off. It is reusable and rechargeable. 

[*You can get an audio fantasy from their Fantasy Store that will work in tandem with the device for a few dollars more. The DEV© audio fantasy, ‘Orgasm Command’ is one of the top ‘most liked’ examples from that store. While we make the same audio a free download at eSensual Books, Vibease charge for the work involved in the encoding they have added to the audio file to enable it to work with the Vibease device.]

A good, reliable (if old fashioned) Rabbit vibe from Lovehoney, comes in at around $73, again provide your own imagination and fantasy. It is rechargeable and reusable.

A top of the range Lelo sex toy product comes in at around $184, imagination not included. Rechargeable and reusable.

We at eSensual Group value highly any and all feedback we get from listeners and users of our products. It is the only way we can know what is working and what needs attention. If you feel the urge to write to us or post some feedback, don’t hesitate. Here is some recent feedback on the pricing policy of DEV© that was interesting.

…a 25 min audio for 9.99 [GB] pounds or about $13 …, I think this is one of the more fairly priced audios on this site (I have a small issue with the pricing on some of these audios, given their time stamps, but then again, I'm not an expert in how erotic materials are meant to priced and marketed).’  This was feedback on the DEV© Audio experience, ‘Professor’s Pet’. 

Further feedback on the DEV© audio experience, ‘Coffee, Tea or Me?’ made us think we should explain ourselves a little.

‘…it should be noted that this audio is about 17 minutes normally for 9.99 GBP or $13. About 5 of those minutes are spent on an introduction and a mental preparation segment that Essemoh seems to include on many of his audios. This opening is a nice touch and puts you in the right state of mind for immersing you into the scenario. However, that means that the coffee shop story is really only about 12 minutes long.

I'm not super familiar with the erotic audio/story market and the appropriate pricing for these materials. I'm certainly no expert on the matter, but 9.99 GBP/$13 for 12 min of new material (if you've listened to Essemoh a lot before) seems a bit steep to me. 

In the meantime, I'll stick to my Keurig machine.’ [This is a coffee making machine that costs around $275, plus consumables like filters and of course the coffee.]

It is interesting that the topic of DEV© audio price points and coffee are commented on in the feedback, as this is something that we at eSensual Group have also settled upon as a useful bench mark for price point. More on this later.

We did consider the cost of an orgasm through some of the more conventional routes

A date and one night stand (emphasis on the ‘one time only’ but hopefully multiple orgasms experience) for example. (leaving out all the associated negative complications and relationship issues, as well as giving thought to the positive sensuality and excitement of a real-life encounter). We estimate that the basic costs of a meal in a reasonable restaurant with some half decent wine, neutral ‘safe’ location in reasonable hotel room and such things as condoms, lube etc. etc. at around $450 (We are sure you can add any number of things to the list but we are trying to be fair here.) Assuming one goes ‘Dutch’, that’s around $225 a pop.

There is also mainstream sexy entertainment. A DVD of Fifty Shades Darker, currently available through Amazon at around $17.

An exotic dancer in one of the more sedate London UK strip clubs would expect around $25 as a tip per six minute dance.

A live Cam girl/man is priced at around $1.99 per minute.

However, let’s wake up and smell the coffee.

In the UK, the average cost of a Grande Latte from the big chain Coffee Shops (Starbucks and Costa Coffee) comes in at around $3.95 a cup. Not reusable.

Compare that to the pricing of DEV© audio experiences designed to deliver orgasmic satisfaction. First, we must clarify something. Men and women are different (really?).

Male physiology and orgasm is particular. The ability to experience multiple orgasms is limited and the recovery time post ejaculation is shorter when younger and can become protracted with age (Youth really is wasted on the young!). Consequently, male oriented DEV© fantasy experiences usually feature a strong build up, possibly with some edging and a powerful single orgasm. (Very rarely we try for another, but we have no feedback with which to judge the success or otherwise of that. If the guys would just ‘fess up it would be very helpful.)

On the female side, multiple orgasms are biologically much more likely. (Read our Blog on the Super Orgasm and related research.) All female oriented DEV© experiences feature multiple orgasm opportunities.

Getting to my point, finally. The Standard DEV© audio experience is priced at around three cups of coffee. DEV© audios are infinitely reusable and require no special equipment or technology that most of us don’t already own. With reuse and practice, they often become more powerful in effect. 

The TripleXXX© DEV© audio fantasies are much stronger in erotic content and are often of longer duration. They cost around four cups of coffee.

DEVMod© is a series of individual audio modules that are designed and produced to be individually set up in a playlist to suit the needs of the listener. Each module is NOT a complete sexual experience but an element to be combined with the three basic elements of Induction, Arousal and Aftercare, to create a free choice DEV© experience or chain of experiences to any duration as desired. Each module cost less than two cups of coffee.

This is the same price as the eSbAudio Erotica audios that are the more common type of one handed listen described earlier.

In conclusion, I can only repeat my opening question; what price an Orgasm? Do you have a view that you would like to share.

P.S. For the cost of a couple of cups of coffee a month you too could support us here on Patreon and get your ears on some of the hottest audio, intimate rambles and erotic stories. Join us @Club_eSensual and really Experience the Fantasy.

Your comments, thoughts and feedback are very welcome on this or any other topic of discussion.

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Directed Erotic Visualisation©, making the world better, One Orgasm at a Time. 

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