Welcome to the Future

Thursday, 8 June 2017

This month Directed Erotic Visualisation© is taking you into the future so you can experience for yourself the fantasy and reality of your own personal Sex Robot and a techno tryst with an Artificial Intelligence.

Imagine a time when your every desire is fulfilled by your own AI: ALEX! In this extraordinary Impossible Lovers for Women experience, Voice of a Rockstar carries you off into the future of pleasure and things will never be the same!

Alexa is more than willing to do your bidding in this hot Impossible Lesbian Lovers experience. All you need to do is ask and multiple orgasms are yours! And Jezebel is always happy to assist. Laundry has never been this fun!

Grace's Grove is taking you to a very special place where all your fantasies become real. In this Impossible Lovers for Men experience your very own SEXBOT is at your command and between the two of them, nothing is off limits.

In this incredible Impossible Gay Lovers experience you will find that GAI/O can make things come alive with a mere whisper. Let Essemoh guide you through this exciting journey to the future!

New from the Fantastic Creatures Series: A myth as old as time is now a delicious fantasy made real. Half-man, half-beast, The Centaur desires you and will have his way. How could you possibly resist and why would you want to? Feel the power as this magnificent creature gives you pleasure you will not soon forget in this Triple XXX Fantasy Sex for Women experience from Essemoh.

This extreme XXX experience is only available through Patreon. What are your deepest desires?  Come explore them in a safe, sex-positive environment designed to expand your horizons. Club_ eSensual is the place to Experience the Fantasy like you never have before! Please join us for a cool drink and a tour around the club. We look forward to seeing you there. Things will get very naughty indeed!

Have you heard the crazy news? We are currently offering ALL of our Classic titles at an unheard of 80% off!  In our Classic Summer Rewind Sale. These oldies, but goodies will soon be retired to the archives so stock up now, before you miss your chance. Remastered and edited for your listening pleasure these experiences tell a story. Follow the incredible evolution of Directed Erotic Visualisation from its 2008 creation by Essemoh Teepee to the current inventory of over 200 titles!

If that is not enough, we have a new FREE selection for the Ladies this weekend. Essemoh has put together some of the modules from the innovative DEV MOD series for you to try.  

Part your legs, a little wider, that's good... now your lover will be able to explore each and every inch of you. Every hill, every valley, and the hidden spots he has yet to discover. He loves to please you and he loves the taste of you, he loves Going Down on you. Lie back and let yourself sink in to the intense sensations of this intimate oral experience. This is one you will return to over and over again!

DEV MOD is all about tailor made pleasure. Mix and match your playlist until you find the combination that works for you. Try DEV MOD Going Down today!

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