I Touch Myself

Thursday, 11 May 2017

What could possibly make May a better month than it already is? Masturbation May! Although no one at The Manor seems to have any trouble masturbating any month of the year, uh hum… we like to celebrate the month reminding ourselves, and others, that self-pleasure is indeed something to be celebrated.

As we look back over the last several months we have much to celebrate. The addition of several sexy new voices has brought erotic audio to a whole new world of listeners. Some talent has just stopped in for a brief shining moment where others will (we hope) be sticking around for some time to come.

This month we are glad to have a few tremendous talents helping you to celebrate #Masturbation May in the best way possible. Sometimes we grow bored with the same old routine. Even with the plethora of sex aids out there, we tend to have our ‘go to’ style. Why not try something different this month? Lie back, relax, and be guided by your favorite aural lover as they show you the way to explosive pleasure.

Grace’s Grove has given us a seductive and incredibly hot selection in My Pearls. She is missing you and reminiscing about memories of the best kind. As she tells you her favorites, wearing nothing but a special set of pearls you’ve bestowed her with, the conversation gets very steamy indeed. Play along with her in this scintillating eSb Audio Erotica selection.

Essemoh loves nothing more than telling you what to do…come hard for me now! This hot Impossible Gay Lovers experience is no different. In Do IT, he will use his commanding presence to make sure you reach a satisfying conclusion together.

An all-time classic best seller, Jezebel is Finding the Sweet Spot. Created for the Better Sex series of audios, this instructive, yet arousing, experience is geared to all women who want to find the sometimes-elusive G-Spot. If you have already found it on your own, give it a listen anyway, nothing wrong with a few more orgasms, is there? Put a towel down first!

Essemoh Is never one to exclude the ladies and he loves when you Show for Me. A long-awaited Skype connection turns very sexy as he whispers instructions in your ears. Watching you please yourself gives you both immense pleasure, but he claims your orgasms for his own in this hot Impossible Lovers for Women experience.

Jezebel likes to watch. Skype rings and you finally connect face to face, she immediately takes charge in My Hands. This Impossible Lovers for Men selection will allow your every stroke to feel as though she has reached right through the computer screen.

Can’t find anything hot enough here? Stay tuned for more information about @Club_eSensual. Jezebel and Essemoh have some content that is just too naughty for eSensual Books and are going to show you just how dirty they can be on Patreon! Don’t worry they will still be here whispering in your ears, but now you will have a chance to get up close and personal. Step inside the Behind the Scenes world of #Club_eSensual. Naughty Shenanigans will ensue!

Top Secret prefers the phone and this eSb Audio Erotica experience will have you begging, Call Me! Phone Sex takes many forms, but when she calls to say how much she misses you the intensity of her feelings translate to hot mutual release.

Miss Kitten SK is going to make it very easy for you to find incredible pleasure in JOI. This eSb Audio Erotica selection has all the instruction you need and with her sexy voice in your ear it won’t take long.

Don’t miss GaelForce’s FREE selection Play for Me, a popular eSb Audio Erotica experience. When Gael tells you what to do, you are more than happy to follow his direction. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!

And last, but not least, Ginger Segreti is a very dirty girl!  She likes to masturbate when she reads and this time is no different. A sexy performance of her hot new short story, The Keyhole Exhibitionist: A Voyeur Erotic Short , this AudioBook will have you coming back for more. You can also check out the written version here. 

If you missed our selections from May 2016, check them out now. An ethereal selection of Nymphs and Fairies in the Impossible Lesbian Lovers Series, A visit from the infamous and insatiable Green Man in Impossible Gay Lovers, A bound and helpless fairy who can only give you pleasure in Clipping her Wings is a must in the Fantasy Sex for Men and Impossible Lovers for Women will allow you a chance at being the May Queen herself. This fantasy series is very popular in all categories.

And since we love nothing better than to ensure the ultimate pleasure we are offering all these selections- ALL titles period , at the fabulous BOGO 50% off sale prices. Stock up now!

Coming next month we have an eclectic selections of titles in production related to AI , Robots and Sex Dolls. Get ready to be transported to another world as the future meets the present.

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