Tuesday, 25 April 2017

The Super Orgasm and DEV©

By Essemoh Teepee

If the UK press are anything to go by then this is the hottest topic on every woman's lips… The Super Orgasm, not just a multiple climax, but tens of orgasms, piling on the pleasure until you are floating on a cloud of sex hormones and bliss. There are articles in most of the major UK high circulation newspapers; The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Express, The Mirror and The Telegraph all have carried articles talking of these once thought 'Mythical' pleasure fests.

Well, we should always be wary of the Press, what with 'Fake News' and all, but this spate of attention being paid to the Female Multi Orgasmic state is down to a Channel 4 documentary, The Super Orgasm,  due to be aired on the 13th April in the UK. One of the contributors is a Dr Nan Wise, someone I was introduced to by Dr Susana Mayer (a fan and supporter of Directed Erotic Visualisation©) and who I have corresponded with and trust to know what she and her colleagues are talking about.

For those women who can struggle to achieve even one orgasm when having sex* it does seem more than a little unfair that other women can have upwards of 60 and even 100 full on orgasm in just one session of hot sex. (*See my previous two blogs on Closing the ‘O’ Gap

Spare a thought for us men, we are programmed to fall asleep after just one! Which is why it is so very important to ensure that our partners come first and as often as they desire before we succumb to their charms.

The research appears to suggest, from the little I have been able to read, that it is mostly about the mental approach or state that most impacts upon the ability to have a Super Orgasm. Most of the press reports state that the research has 'found that a mix of relaxation, yoga and bonding leads to the intense experience'.

This is especially interesting as these are also the core elements of Directed Erotic Visualisation©. The relaxation and intense intimacy of DEV©, together with much that is parallel with directed meditation and many aspects of yoga, combine with highly erotic scenarios and descriptions that lead the listener into deeply sensual sexual experiences.

Many DEV© users report just the same results as are described in the research, these are just the two most recent -

"I've never had a man finish me multiple times like you do E[ssemoh] in these DEV's" - Gentlemen's Club

"I listened in my room, completely naked and just let my hands go where he [Essemoh] directed during this. I couldn't walk afterwards, took me a few hours to come down from emotional arousal of how good I felt afterwards to write this and give 5 stars, I can't even put on clothes yet, my skin is on fire at the slightest brush of fabric, this is so sensual, sexy, hot, I loved it, this is my favorite one yet!" - Romancing the Virgin: Anal

The research is further reported as stating -

'The academics also suggested that in order [to] have these magical orgasms women needed to “turn their brain off, to be less engaged and to let go.” Though, no news on any research from the University on how we’re supposed to manage that…'

Well I have some news for you, keep reading…

'..these women were also found to be “less inhibited and more easily aroused.” Instead of focusing on the orgasm, their brains remained more relaxed throughout the sexual experience.'

There's more…

'The scientists conducting the study find that [one woman's] brain deactivates after her orgasm, before a second which is even more powerful and intense. 'They are more capable of tuning into their sensations, focusing on them and the experience probably empowers them to have more orgasms,' Dr Nan Wise explains of woman who can achieve multiple orgasms.' 

I am guessing that by now you are getting my point?

Directed Erotic Visualisation© is all about relaxing, becoming more aware of your body and sensation, becoming aroused and sensually uninhibited, while totally focusing on the experience without any concerns about your partner or satisfying them. DEV© is all about you and your pleasure.

So, what are you waiting for? Why not try for your very own 'Super Orgasm'. Directed Erotic Visualisation© has been tried and tested by literally millions of listeners who have had theirs.

Help Close The 'O' Gap today.

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