Closing the 'O' Gap

Friday, 7 April 2017

Last month we talked to you about closing the ‘O’ gap, one orgasm at a time and it seems to be a buzz word of late! Here at The Manor there is nothing we like more than providing orgasms and even with over 8.5 million downloads, we have only scratched the surface!

Durex has also jumped on board, #OrgasmsForAll, with the release of their new product Intensifying Orgasm Gel, a topical to create more sensation to lead to better orgasms. They quote statistics that as many as two-thirds of women are not reaching orgasm, much higher than the 43% that we read about in Cosmo that prompted our mission to close the gap.

Some fine folks at are doing their part in providing free/reduced cost sex toys for those in need.

Essemoh has written a blog with all the details and he is somewhat of an expert considering the number of orgasms Directed Erotic Visualisation© has been responsible for! Read it here: Essemoh Teepee.

This is a perfect time to check our Better Sex audio selections and Experience the Fantasy for health, wellness, and more orgasms!

Speaking of Better Sex, what better time than Anal April to release our Touching Couples: Anal experience. If you are new to the series, Touching Couples is an experience designed for couples to listen to together.  While Essemoh directs the ladies, Genevieve Ash directs the men simultaneously to help encourage better intimacy amongst couples. This experience is a gentle exploration of first time Anal sex. And check out the Touching Couples Value Pack, and get three  enriching experiences for one low price!

And there is plenty more anal to talk about this month!

You're always welcome at Miss Kitten SK's house and it is okay to use her Back Door. This incredibly hot Impossible Lovers for Men experience will have you visiting her more often.

The new Impossible Gay Lovers experience has you eyeing your New Neighbor as he carries those heavy loads in to the house, but when he stops by to borrow some tools, British Filth will be there to welcome him to the neighborhood in style!

Jezebel likes to be in charge and when you call and beg, Punish Me, who is she to say no? This XXX Impossible Lesbian Lovers experience she will give you exactly what you’re asking for and then some!  Contains Anal strap-on play.

Top Secret Audio has the perfect voice for age play in this XXX eSb Audio Erotica experience. Your Baby Girl just might have unresolved daddy issues, but she will do whatever you say. A first-time anal experience not to be missed! All characters and narrator are over 18.

Romancing the Virgin: Anal will make you wish your first anal experience is (or was) just like this. Whether you are a virgin saving ‘it' for the right one, curious, or a sensual dynamo wanting that 'first time' feeling, Essemoh will guide you gently through your anal awakening with nothing to fear. 

Also, this month we offer a new DEV MOD Anal bundle! This bundle provides the Induction, Arousal, and Aftercare as well as a hot anal experience. Haven’t tried DEV MOD©? Why not? Short segments created to be mixed and matched. Order your playlist just how you like it best and create your own spectacular DEV© experiences! 

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