Erotica is NOT a Genre!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Erotica is NOT a Genre!

This is the Periodical Table of Fiction, it covers pretty much all the different Genres in which we authors choose to write fiction, but you will see that there is no mention of Erotica. That is because we believe erotic content is inherent in ALL fiction. We publishers and writers are members of an unspoken conspiracy in that we tend to edit most of the the sex out of fiction; we close the bedroom doors or skip over the sensual couplings of the protagonist and avoid mentioning the sexual torture of the main character by the arch villain. It is just not good enough!

Our mission here at AlternatePress and eSensual Books is to publish stories in all of the fields of fiction but with the sex left in!

We want your writing, with the sexuality of the characters and the plot fully explored, we don’t want you to pull any literary punches when you write for us. Give it to us with both smoking hot barrels.

We look forward to hearing from you.