The Naughty Girls

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Recently at The Manor, we had a discussion in preparation for Anal April.  A colleague had read an article about men ejaculating during a prostate exam. It seems it is a regular occurrence and since prostate milking is a pleasurable experience-- for the men willing to give it a try, we can see why.

From some of what we researched, it seems that some DR's are deliberately creating an emission for testing purposes, as the prostate has a key role in creating seminal fluid, yet, others are causing it quite by accident. If it feels that good, why aren’t more men doing it? The milking I was referring to, but, it is also critical to have the exam for men, 50 and older.

For some time there has been a movement among young women who are ‘ANAL ONLY’ until marriage. Those who want to experience the pleasures of penetration without 'losing’ their virginity.  

Essemoh’s new experience, Romancing the Virgin: Anal,  is a follow on from the best selling Romancing the VirginThis tender and loving experience will allow you to experience that desired intimacy and fulfilment. PRE-ORDER NOW! 

You might also want to check out this article listing of the Five Erotic Rear Entry Positions on the LELO blog written by Katy Thorn. See something new? Why not try it!  Maximise the potential for the best outcome. Being prepared is always a good idea—safety first!

In case you haven't guessed, April will be all about Anal here at The Manor and we will have some great new selections for you, including the latest release in the acclaimed Better Sex Series: Touching Couples: Anal. If you are new to anal play or an experienced participant, this will show you, and your partner, the intimate way to anal pleasure. 

More information on everything anal next month. Anal, it’s not just for the kinky anymore!

Speaking of kinky, we have our naughtiest, kinkiest ladies at The Manor providing some deliciously decadent experiences for you in this special end of the month release.

From the fabulous and mysterious Isabella Delmonico, comes Naughty CEO, a sexy new Directed Erotic Visualisation© experience in the Impossible Lesbian Lovers series. Away at a conference, you are the new girl and have been booked in a share room with your boss! You do want to make a good impression, don’t you?  Isabella Delmonico has only recently taken to writing erotica. Previously she was more likely to be found in a library, researching and writing dusty academic pieces. But all that changed when, one day, she threw off her glasses, let her hair down and unleashed her wild side….and what a wild side it turned out to be!

Equally delicious, Is the new offering from Grace’s Grove. Grace has been creating Erotic fiction for most of her life, imagining scenarios and crafting arousing stories. She just recently discovered Audio Erotica, and fell in love with the art form. Grace’s Grove was born shortly after that from a desire to create a safe space for Erotic exploration, play, and fun. This month Grace’s Grove is the Naughty Intern. This Fantasy Sex for Men DEV© experience is every boss’s dream come true. This very sexy ingénue is willing do anything to please you. 'Let me just slip under your desk…'

Jezebel, the Queen of Naughty is back and even naughtier then ever in this Fantasy Sex for Men DEV© experience. Spring break may be for the college crowd, but that won’t stop Jez from being a wickedly Naughty Cougar! 'Let me show you how to please a woman…'

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And last, but most certainly, not least, Miss Kimmie KaBoom makes her debut Directed Erotic Visualisation© audio in Naughty Mama. Those southern gals sure know how to please and in this Fantasy Sex for Men experience she will be using her considerable assets to ensure you are completely satisfied! Available now!

Kimmie KaBoom is a multiple award winning BBW adult film actress from the U.S. She has been featured in numerous dvd's & magazines. Kimmie also has her own production company for her official website, KIMMIEKABOOM.COM. And if you are anywhere near Denver next week, stop in to the EXXXotica Show, Kimmie will be there live and in person! 

Recently released, we also have two NEW titles from the sensual and equally Naughty, Miss Kitten SK. Kitten says about herself: "I am an experienced purveyor of deliciously decadent, dreamy, debauched and downright dirty erotic audio. Your kinky girl, your fantasy, your every desire wrapped up in a whisper. I've excited many naughty boys and girls, but now it's your turn. I'm here, I'm waiting for you, come play with me.”

For those of you who haven’t experienced her delights, these titles are a good place to start. Her first new selection in the eSb Audio Erotica collection is JOI. Lie back, relax, and do everything she says. Let Kitten lead you down the path to pure pleasure while she gives ‘stroke fiction’ a whole new meaning.

If that isn’t quite enough for you, why not immerse yourself in The GF Experience.  In this hot eSb Audio Erotica selection, Kitten is going to give you so much more. She is the perfect girlfriend; won’t you give her a chance to be your special one?

You can still enjoy all of these titles and more, at 20% off until the end of the month, and don’t forget to allow contact on your account for exclusive special email savings codes and more!

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