All about Women!

Friday, 10 March 2017

It is all about Women this month! Women’s History Month, International Women’s Day, Women, women everywhere and nor a drop to drink… to paraphrase!

Here at The Manor we love women! Many of our colleagues are women, and many of our listener’s and collaborators are, too. We realize how valuable they are to what we do every day. I thought I may have even overheard a few guys talking about how they rule the World any way—and that every day is Women’s Day! We couldn’t agree more. Many of the multitasking, nurturing, considerate human beings that you depend on, may (probably) just be women!

In honor of National Women’s History Month, we are offering a sale- 20% off ALL titles! We debated only offering the titles for the ladies at sale prices, but realized, that perhaps the men might learn a new thing or two about pleasing us, so we will let them have audio at the sale price as well!

And no one we know loves women more than Essemoh! As a special added bonus DEV©, he gives you just what you were hoping for—a call!

You need it, you want it, and sometimes nothing else will do. In this Impossible Lovers for Women experience Essemoh hears your unspoken plea and when you say, Call Me, you can be sure that it will be a most pleasurable conversation. You know that there is nothing he loves more than whispering in your ear…

And what choices we have this month! Our theme for March is Folks in Uniform, dedicated to the tireless people that serve us in so many ways. And with the ever-increasing menu of new voices, we have so much to offer!

Where there is smoke... This Smokin' Hot experience in the Impossible Gay Lovers series will have you looking for the hose. When the others catch you, the new guy, peeking in the shower room, Essemoh must teach you a lesson: in the firehouse, we all work together for the greater good and you, are the greater good! Talk about an initiation!

Attention! Top Secret Audio is calling your name in Roll Call and you had better be ready in this intense Impossible Lesbian Lovers experience. When she visits you in Solitary, her command is 'Bend Over' and you had better comply, Soldier. You Will, take it all and like it- a lot!

Essemoh is your Captain in this sensational Fantasy Sex for Women experience. He is going to make sure your flight is a Mile High of pleasure and when he hands the controls to the co-pilot and joins you for some naughty fun, the skies will be much more than friendly!

I promise, this won’t hurt a bit...Miss Kitten SK is your own personal Nurse! in this Fantasy Sex for Men experience. She is going to sit at your bedside until that dose of testosterone takes effect and turns you both in to a super lover. "It is against the rules," she says, "but maybe just this once...

It's a perfect time to stay in and have a little old fashioned Game Night fun, in this super-hot eSb Audio Erotica FREE experience everyone winsGrace's Grove has popped her erotic audio cherry, and we are proud to showcase it here!

We are offering congratulations to the talented Gaelforce for  the milestone of One Million YouTube hits in one month! We are so pleased to have him sharing his work with us . If you haven't leant him your ear, what are you waiting for? 

Coming later in the month, we release the long awaited new titles in the  ‘Naughty Series.’  For your listening pleasure, we have: The Naughty CEO, The Naughty Cougar, The Naughty Intern and debuting on April 1st, another eSb virgin: the megawatt XXX star Kimmie Kaboom in Naughty Mama!

We are working to try and code some additional titles for Vibease and if you use this link: esensualbooks you’ll receive additional savings off their current sale pricing! Let us know if there are any titles you would like coded. For those that require--or desire, a little extra, Vibease is there to add intensity to DEV© and your orgasms! 

Stay tuned for a special blog coming at month’s end to introduce all the fabulous new voices joining us at The Manor. They say variety is the spice of life and we know that you like it spicy!

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