The Perfect Valentine's Gift

Friday, 10 February 2017

Well, the big day is almost here! Are you ready to make your lover feel special? Forgot to pick up the flowers or a sexy treat? Never fear, The Manor is here. Forget Fifty Shades Darker. Not in the mood for a big night out? After the flowers, candy, and champagne, why not stay in and Experience the Fantasy instead?

We have been busy creating some hot new experiences for you and your sweetheart. Have you tried our Touching Couples Products? Listen with your lover and let the experience guide you to new height of pleasure.

The holiday can be a ‘tad’ commercial and Valentine’s Day is not only for couples, it is a day to love yourself or love the one you’re with. For this month’s theme, we like to celebrate with a twist. Our escort themed experiences remind us that sometimes to get what you really want, just how you want it, you must pay. We promise that you’ll find this month’s escorts will give you plenty of bang for your buck.

Essemoh is all yours in this sensational Impossible Gay Lovers experience. You have hired him for the evening, now what is it you want your ESCORT to do? Lie back and relax, he will give you all the pleasure you can handle and then some!

The agency said, you asked for a sharp dressed man, so here I am, ready for you. Tonight, I'm Yours- all yours, and we are going to enjoy every single minute of this Impossible Lovers for Women experience. You asked for Gaelforce and now he is knocking at your door. Wont you let him in?

Don’t be shy, I am here to fulfill your every fantasy. You asked for the hot girlfriend experience and that is precisely what Zarah will be giving you tonight. There is just the small matter of Paying for It... No guilt in this super sexy experience from the Fantasy Sex for Men series.

It is the stuff dreams are made of. Essemoh is Yours for the Night in this Impossible Lovers for Women experience. Sometimes to get what we need, we have to pay for it, but I assure you he is WORTH EVERY PENNY!

You have waited so long to experience the pleasures of another woman and now you are making it happen. And when you ask Top Secret Audio to Show Me, she does so much more than that in this Impossible Lesbian Lovers experience. Perfect for the curious woman as well.

As a special treat, Top Secret Audio has also given you a FREE Valentine Gift. Listen to Teaser and let Top Secret remind you that sucking is for much more than hard candy.

And if you haven’t had a listen to the new FREE title from Gaelforce, what on earth are you waiting for?  Following directions has never been more fun and in Play for Me, Gaelforce will show you the way to the ultimate pleasure.

Jezebel has just posted a review of the fabulous products from Satisfyer. You can read all about it here. The Satisfyer uses a series of bursts of air to bring fast, intense, multiple orgasms to most women. The great news is, once you attach it to your clit, you needn’t touch it again and this makes it a perfect choice for listening to DEV© with. Gives Hands Free Orgasm a whole new meaning!

We have been receiving a lot of great press recently and we owe that to you, our listeners. We would like to thank all of you that took the time to answer the questions from our last blog. Everything we do is with the intent to make our products better, for you the listener. Keep the comments and suggestions coming, we couldn’t do it without you!

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