Time for an Orgasm Break!

4 CommentsSunday, 29 January 2017

So far 2017 has been full of excitement around the globe. We aren’t ones to mix business, or politics, with pleasure, but since so many are having difficulties coming to terms with the changes in the world, we want you to all take a deep breath …and relax…

Orgasms provide many benefits and although pleasure is the most obvious, we want to remind you that the many physical and emotional benefits of orgasm can improve your overall health and mood faster than any other ‘Meds’ you might choose.

We recommend a climax at least once a day: 'an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away', but we know it is not always feasible for everyone. The best thing about DEV© is that it can be accessed, consumed and just plain enjoyed in the comfort of your own home, with little effort or time required. Extra specially, well, for many ladies and a few guys anyway, the experience may contain multiple orgasms, so you will be basking in that sensual afterglow in no time at all.

Our recent release of several new audio erotica titles has created a lot of excitement with you, our listeners. Sometimes we do not want or need to be guided through a scene or have our fantasy directed. Sometimes we simply want to lie back and float along in our own sensual world with the narrator as a soundtrack for our own imagination.

So is it really that different you ask? Isn’t it all just dirty talk, like phone sex?  For those of you new to Directed Erotic Visualisation©, the answer is an emphatic YesDirected erotic fantasy and guided sensual experiences are so very much more.

Directed Erotic Visualisation© (DEV©) is a combination of simple techniques: easy breathing for relaxation teamed with gentle suggestion to promote a sensual experience through visualisation. Together they work to help create a subjective reality, an altered state where virtually anything is possible. The scene in which you are placed feels real, the sensations feel real, and the orgasms - definitely - are real. With DEV©, experiencing the fantasy is a dramatic way to spice up your sex life. Alone or with a partner, any fantasy you can imagine, can be your experience, any time. Quality writing enhanced by expert narration generates an experience within that virtual reality of silky sensuality and high erotic tension. We like to believe DEV© to be the first virtual reality sex toy.

Audio Erotica while nonetheless stimulating, is more of a passive experience for listeners. In most cases although suggestions are made, there is no direct guidance. You are able to freewheel through the audio in any way that suits you at the time.

The sensual voice and story carry you away while your own imagination fills in the delicious details. The narrator often has a theme in mind, but is creating the story as they go. This can catch the listener up into the intimacy of the story as it flows toward the climax, allowing you to be carried toward a climax of your own. Often, masturbation is involved on both sides, so, although it is not strictly just using your mind, it can be very satisfying on a purely physical level.

Either way, the benefits of orgasm apply. Endorphins, serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin are all flowing through your veins. Blood races, hearts pound and breathing quickens. Contractions strengthen muscles. Blood circulates, refreshing skin. And smiling, well grinning like the cat that just got a lot of cream is a good thing--fullstop. Is there really such thing as a bad orgasm? We here at The Manor, think not.

We are currently conducting some research into how you feel about erotic audio and would love to hear from you. We really want to understand you better and give you more of what you desire. Please look at the questions and answer some if not all. You can comment below or contact us in complete confidence at info@alternatepress.co.uk

Do you enjoy listening to erotic audio/DEV© in public? With or without orgasm?

What is the naughtiest place or circumstance that you have had a climax while listening to an Audio?

Do you prefer Guided DEV© or freeform Audio Erotica?

What experiences would you like to hear either through DEV© or Audio Erotica?

Do sound effects such as kissing, stroking, the narrator having orgasms make your experience more pleasurable or distract you?

Have you tried new audio experiences that you wouldn’t in real life, but found them arousing within the fantasy?

Do you feel a connection with the narrator? Are you able to feel pleasure with many different voices?

As always, here at The Manor we take our listeners comments seriously and work hard to provide you with the best experiences possible. Your feedback is our number one way of improving our products. So please get in touch.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we have a host of exciting new experiences for you to celebrate alone or with your sweetheart. This year’s theme centers around the excitement and perhaps, clandestine meeting with an escort. Whether it’s your first time or only one of many, you are sure to find an experience to rock your world.

And why not send your lover a personalized experience for the big day. It is perfect for LDR’s or when you are apart from one another. Better yet, try our Touching Couples series and Experience the Fantasy together. Choose their favorite fantasy and we will create their perfect experience. Read more about it here: https://www.esensualbooks.co.uk/category-99

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DEV: making the world a better place one orgasm at a time!





Arthur Simpson
Monday, 30 January 2017  |  15:22

I am enjoying your recording would love to see a recording encouraging female masturbation.
keep the good work.

Monday, 30 January 2017  |  20:40

Thank you ,Arthur! What a great suggestion. It sounds like it may be something we need to add to the line up very soon. Thanks for listening.

Monday, 6 February 2017  |  16:10

Arthur, You may want to check out our latest Free title: Play for Me

Kathryn Roberts
Friday, 10 February 2017  |  20:57

Yes I have listened to erotic dev in public, without orgasm in oublic, but I do think I feel more relaxed after, the naughtiest place was at church before a funeral with earbuds covered by my hair before the mass started, I prefer guided dev, would like to see more spanking, more whipping, yes to trying new audio experiences I have not done in real life but felt aroused in the fantasy, yes feel a connection the narrator, and yes I feel pleasure with the different voices but E still commands the strongest orgasms