7 million Orgasms and counting!

2 CommentsThursday, 12 January 2017

Hello Winter! The SADD blues are trying their best to creep in – except maybe  for some of our Aussies friends-they had 101f and sunshine today near Sydney!

For a lot of us, the muted sunshine and cold temps can affect our mood at one time or another. There are many options including special lighting, outdoor walks and jetting off to a sunnier clime, but sometimes you need a little something more. A rush of dopamine and serotonin to rev up the engines and get the heat flowing.

Well, as much as we wish we could carry you all off to a beach vacation for real, we are offering the next best thing! Experience the fantasy now and let your imagination carry you off to wherever you wish to be.

You might want to consider some of our ‘holiday’ titles: Beach Sex, Cwtch: Beach Relaxation, Outdoor Sexhibition, Winter Sunburn, Cougar Holiday, Destiny as a start to bring the outdoors in to your cozy bedroom, but with DEV©, any of our experiences are sure to warm up the long cold nights. This month the options are plentiful!

Want Me? And we are sure you will, after listening to this  sultry new voice. This FREE DEV© experience is flying off the shelves, give it a listen now, you’ll be glad you did.

Gaelforce is back with a vengeance in his new Audio Erotica Presentation Frantic and Dirty. Sometimes, you just have to have it, and have it now! This one will definitely raise the thermostat along with his new FREE offering Primal Moans. This experience is a little different. Sometimes words are not necessary, this is one of those times! Just close your eyes and listen to the pleasure you are giving him… Mmmmm. I think I hear the GF Sirens singing for more, so, stayed tuned for another release near month's end!

January’s theme based on the Hot Tub Time Machine, has brought the opportunity to travel back and relive past fumbling’s and discoveries with long ago lovers…and make them just a little better.  

Essemoh has been busy with ‘the one who got away’ in HIM. Remember you didn’t give him a chance long ago? Well, now he is back and you can’t help but wonder why you had waited so long. Settle in to this Impossible Lovers for Women experience and take this second chance on pleasure.

Jezebel is a willing teacher in Slumber Party as she convinces a new friend that it is good practice for kissing a boy if they make out for a while. Perhaps, there are a few more lessons to learn in this hot ‘best friend’ experience from the Impossible Lesbian Lovers collection

And Essemoh has decided to visit the local bath house where he comes across a young man who is new to this as well. Will the handsome lad be able to fend off Essemoh’s advances or will he have to admit that he Can’t Resist in this evocative Impossible Gay Lovers experience?

Jezebel knows that some girls are naughtier than others and she proves it in Back Seat Driver. “Come on,” she beckons, “let’s get in the backseat and go all the way!” We’re guessing not many of your girlfriends back in the day had quite the voracious appetite that Jez does in this Impossible Lovers for Men audio experience. Remember your old fantasies in a whole new way!

And near the end of the month we will be releasing a new Audio Erotica title from another new voice, Top Secret Audio. You have asked for more anal and we aim to please!  Seriously hot, this one will have you thinking about baseball and math’s to make it all the way through until the end!

The Intimacy Hub is getting closer to completion and we are excited to be creating a space where you can go to find sex-positive information, reviews of quality products that we endorse, and Better Sex audio experiences that enhance your sexual health and wellbeing.

The long-awaited Owner’s Manual will guide through all things sex related and works perfectly with our Touching Couples Series. Look for the next release during Anal April with Touching Couples: Anal. A guide toward first time anal sex created for partners to listen to as they progress.

Our 777 sale is part of our 7 million Orgasms and counting celebration! Since DEV© was created by Essemoh Teepee back in 2009 there have been over 3 million downloads and a conservative estimate of 7 million orgasms tallied. That’s a lot of hash marks on the bedpost!  Now through the end of the month we are offering all titles for £7 or less as a sincere thank you for making DEV© so successful.

You can read more about a look back to 2016 here in an article recently published in xbiz: http://www.xbiz.com/news/215983

So much more to come, so stay tuned for exciting announcements and in the meantime, chase away the cabin fever with a lot of orgasms. Remember: Practice, practice, practice! The more you listen, the stronger the pleasure will grow.

Check back often for all the latest information on exciting new experiences and follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, Check us out on Instagramour YouTube channel and for more DEV© news visit smotp.com.

DEV: making the world a better place one orgasm at a time!




Saturday, 14 January 2017  |  13:11

The more, the merrier! Thank you for this great number of reads which I surely will have a look at (or two) ;) I'm a huge lover of audio erotica and think that I heard something by Olivia on https://noveltrove.com/audio , but I can't tell for sure.

Saturday, 14 January 2017  |  15:05

Hi Bettsi
Thanks for the comments. We hope you enjoy the experiences. Olivia is a professional audiobook narrator so, you may have heard her before. We are pleased to have her working with us.