Greetings of the Season

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Here at The Manor we are busy wrapping up all the loose ends that come with this time of year, and a few presents for you as well. It seems only yesterday we were putting away the ornaments, but time does fly when you have as much fun as we do! And what could be more fun than ensuring all our listening friends are getting their share of orgasms?

As we settle into the season and relax by the fire remembering the past year, let’s try to also remember to take time for ourselves.  So often we are busily working away to make the season festive for those we love that we forget to care for ourselves. A walk in the snow, a hot bath by candlelight or just a few minutes by a fire with a cup of tea can do wonders. So, take a few moments just for you and the rest of all you need to do will go more smoothly.

Taking time for a little pleasure is always a good idea and with our five hot new releases this month is no exception. As we mentioned earlier in the month we are pleased to welcome to The Manor the inimitable Galeforce not only offering a few of his own unique ASMR erotic audios, but also recording his first DEV© experience for you to enjoy. Check the FREE content page for a couple of his popular erotic audios: Sensual Lovers and Black Tie Affair.

And just in time for the holidays, Gaelforce wants to help you relax and enjoy the season in a sensual fireside tryst. In his first DEV© experience: Slow Burn, you will find it easy to let go. Snuggle up and feel the soft caress, the slow build of desire, and the ultimate pleasure, in this new Impossible Lovers for Women experience.

If you’re looking for a little adventure you may want to join Jezebel for a walk in the snow. Cool, quiet, a deer grazing near the edge of the woods as the snow crunches beneath your boots. All you need is some time away from the kerfuffle—or maybe, something a little more? As you move deeper into the forest you just may find a holiday surprise waiting for you by a crackling fire. Vixen is a special fantasy experience not to be missed in this new Impossible Lovers for Men experience.

Ho Ho Ho!  This year Essemoh’s focus is on the naughty girls—of course, when isn’t it? In Krampus, the legendary Anti-Santa comes to visit trying to make you understand the error of your ways. The catch -22 being, the more he punishes you, the naughtier you become. This Impossible Lovers for Women experience will have you wanting to stay on the naughty list permanently! Hark—I hear a bell ringing…

Santa deserves to be pampered after working so hard to deliver and in Santa’s Gift he gets everything on his wish list. His naughty elves are helping Essemoh find the perfect present; YOU, in this Impossible Gay Lovers experience. Christmas is the time of year when anything is possible, so, just relax and experience the ultimate holiday fantasy.

In Babes in Toyland Jezebel leads you on a journey of self-discovery with the aid of your favorite holiday toys. A follow on from Finding the Sweet Spot in the Better Sex series of audio, this Directed Masturbation experience is sure to give you a real buzz this season. This Impossible Lesbian Lovers experience is suitable for all women looking to give themselves the ultimate in self-pleasure.

Don’t forget to stock up on all your favorites during our December Promotion. Now through the end of the year buy £50 worth of products and earn DOUBLE ORGO$! Not sure which titles to choose? Order gift vouchers to be used like cash later or stuff one in the stocking of a friend or lover. DEV© is the gift that keeps on giving, so, stock your library now and enjoy the rewards as ORGO$ quickly turn into FREE titles from our inventory.

Once again it is time to sincerely thank you for another successful year. We appreciate the opportunity to bring you the greatest pleasure and we do not ever take your trust in us for granted.

From everyone here at The Manor, to all of you across the globe, we wish you a joyous holiday season filled with peace, pleasure and love. We are looking forward to seeing you back in 2017: a year of new beginnings.

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