De-stress the Holidays

1 CommentSunday, 4 December 2016

We know that it can be a stressful time of year for many, and here at The Manor, we are committed to helping you unwind. Breathe and relax. DEV© is the perfect way to end –or begin a hectic day. Or any day for that matter…

Try one of our CWTCH audios to bring you peace and contentment. On the softer side of DEV©, Cwtch is a Welsh word with no definitive translation into English, but generally speaking means: Snuggling, cuddling, loving, protecting, safeguarding, and claiming, all rolled into one.

And what could possibly be wrong with that? When you are feeling stressed out, what helps even more thana glass of wine? A solid Cwtch. And throw in an orgasm or two, and now you are not only relaxed, but smiling as well. Check out all four of our Cwtch titles.

We are all busy, racing around tying up loose ends and preparing for the quiet that comes with winter and the holidays. We know that for some, this is a difficult time of year so, curl up, insert earbuds, and let the experience of DEV© carry you away from reality for just a little while.

For those that prefer their orgasms without cuddling, we always have plenty of more intense experiences available and with over 200 titles, there is something to please almost everyone.

We are very excited about our upcoming Holiday Releases. Not only will we feature four brand new experiences as usual, but this month we have a fifth! I hate to let the cat out of the bag early, but the ever- popular GaelForce has recorded a very sexy DEV© experience for us that we can’t wait for you to try! Just in time for the holidays, you’ll be able to snuggle up with Gael in front of the fire and feel his sensual touch. More on this and about GaelForce coming with our midmonth releases.

The sexy elves at The Manor are scurrying about putting the last-minute touches on all of our December’s titles. Essemoh and Jezebel have been busy recording their holiday experiences for your listening pleasure and it won’t be long before they arrive. If you are having a hard time waiting: Check out the FREE titles Happy Holidays for men and Santa Calls for women, available now!

We hope that you had a chance to download Bend Over for gay/curious men and The Sitter for lesbian/curious women while they were part of the FREE Spanksgiving celebrations, but don’t worry if you didn’t, they are available in our inventory now along with Over my Knee and Bottoms Up.  

Don’t miss our December promotion: Buy £50 worth of products and earn DOUBLE ORGO$! Not sure which titles to choose? Order gift vouchers to be used like cash later or stuff one in the stocking of a friend or lover. DEV© is the gift that keeps on giving, so, add your favorites to your library now and enjoy the rewards as ORGO$ quickly turn into FREE future titles from our inventory.

You’ll want to save those ORGO$ up because we have just finalized the new schedule of releases for 2017 and it is going to be our hottest year ever! 12 gorgeous months’ chock full of sexy delights. Talk about anticipation…

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Saturday, 14 January 2017  |  13:21

Unfortunately the holidays are over, but I will try to relax more in 2017 and whatever happens happens. There is no reason to get excited about everything.