Spanksgiving is coming!

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

OOHH, harder please! Ouch. No. Please. Don’t. Stop. Oh, please don’t stop!

Spanksgiving is getting closer and we thought it was a good time to whet your appetite with some of our current pain/pleasure packed experiences while waiting for our new releases. Click on the album covers for more information.

Spanking is often one of the first experiments for those introducing BDSM into their sex lives. Most everyone has a hand and/or a bottom. Many have experienced the sensation from early on in childhood. It is a natural progression after the blindfolds, shackles and teasing. And the exquisite pain can add so much pleasure.

Of course, at eSb we only promote safe and consensual sex, unless of course it is the consensual nonconsensual role playing sort… which can be very delightful! ‘Honey, when you get home from work tonight just slam me up against the wall in the foyer and… Try Jezebel’s Follow Me or Essemoh’s Against the Wall to hear what I mean.

BDSM Bondage, Discipline, Sado -Masochism. This subject would fill an entire book of its own, and although we are not experts, we want to touch on some points in this blog.

ALWAYS have a Safeword!  A safeword is used in BDSM to ensure that the Dominant will stop what they are doing immediately if it becomes too much for the Submissive. Choose a word other than ‘Stop or No.’ Something easy for both you and your partner to remember. If you need to use it, use it! If your partner does not comply or understand, you may need a new partner. Once you enter subspace or get too aroused you may forget to use it. A caring partner will always ask, so make sure they are clear about your limits. These may need to be reset as you progress.  

BDSM is not about simply inflicting pain for pain’s sake, it is about power and control. One partner usually a Dominant or Top, the other a Submissive or Bottom. Some that practice are considered a Switch, experiencing both dominant and submissive roles and there are those that Top from the Bottom. A submissive is in control of what will and will not happen. A dominant is in control of bringing the submissive to a place of total bliss through pleasure and sometimes carefully planned pain.

Spanking works well as a surprise attack (provided it is something you and your partner agree upon) and when your partner is already aroused. Everyone is different of course, but adding pain to pleasure is where the results are most noticeable. This of course varies when you are in the lifestyle as opposed to just a part timer.

Try to stay near the fleshy part of the cheek and where it meets the upper thigh. Mix up the cheeks and rub the area with the palm of your hand using a circular motion between strikes. This gives a little relief from the sting and spreads the delicious heat to give you more spanking time depending on your partner’s capacity for pain.

If your partner is a squirter, very wet or there is water nearby, try wetting their skin after a few strikes and spanking them again. This creates an entirely different kind of friction and is quite remarkable. Of course, there is also Porn Movie 101 where you are behind your lover and spanking them while pounding into them from behind.

Role playing, naughty little girl, bad boy, school punishment- the possibilities for play are endless. Hands, paddles, whips, floggers, hairbrush—so many choices. And dont forget to provide Aftercare for the submissive. A little caressing and whispering words of approval and caring goes a long way to ease the transition back to reality and reinforce the bonds of trust.

But BDSM is not simply about ropes and spankings. It is a lifestyle choice for many, and the true pleasure is found through communication. Opening yourself to another human being without fear leads the participants on a journey of care and surrender. The power exchange is a palpable buzz of arousal creating an intense connection.

Since we are talking bottoms: Spanking, anal sex, rimming, fisting, prostate massage, pegging- are all intense and satisfying anal experiences. Until recently, anal sex was not discussed openly. It had quite the bad rap as being ‘dirty’ or only for perverts, but as the sexual revolution expanded so did our bedroom repertoire---and now, there are college age girls who are only having anal to preserve their virginity for marriage. And it feels terrific, so, why wouldn’t we talk about our experiences?

Like pain, anal play is a spectacular addition to ‘regular’ sex. The nerves that are stimulated in both men and women combine with your arousal to create explosive fireworks. A carefully timed finger inserted into the anus of both men and women can lift you higher and higher until at the last minute when you remove that finger and … A tongue circling, dipping and pushing inside may sound naughty to some, but try it anyway. I assure you, you will be glad you did. But I digress…

Fisting is an experience where your partner inserts their whole hand inside the vagina or rectum. By tucking a thumb and holding their fingers closely together the hand slips inside and then can be used as a closed fist or with fingers splayed once inside. A relaxation session and plenty of lube is required for this form of sex play. Patience and trust is required. Again, to prevent injury, plenty of lube and take your time. It may take more than one session to get the whole—uh, effect.

You are definitely want to try the fabulous line from Sheets of SanFranciso for the easiest clean up yet. Go ahead make puddles,  lube up to your hearts content or just enjoying the sensual slide of the fabric then simply wipe clean or toss it in the wash!  

Coming soon! Couples in Touch; Anal Play will be a good place to start. Masturbation is the best way to learn about your body and increase your capacity for pleasure. Having an intimate, connected partner watching will increase your pleasure and theirs. Once you reach the heights of your desire you will be instructed to experience anal play and penetration.

There are some common-sense things you need to know for those new to anal play. Please, never insert anything into your partner’s vagina that has been in or near hers or your anus. Bacteria between these places is not compatible and may cause a serious infection. Condoms may be used on fingers and toys but they must be discarded before touching the vaginal area.

Proper hygiene is essential in the bedroom. Not only is it considerate of your partner, but is a matter of keeping yourself healthy. Always remember to wash both partners’ genitals when finished with anal play before moving on. Bacteria from the rectum can cause both UTI’s and vaginal infections and can infect the penis as well.

Douching is not recommended except in extreme circumstances. Douching affects the natural PH of the vaginal cavity and can cause more issues than it solves.

Anal douching or enema is not necessary before or after anal sex. In most cases if your bowel habits are normal you should not have issues.

Whew! And that is just the beginning. So, spanking while fabulous all by itself, can be a catalyst to other fun.  And DEV© is no stranger to fun on the darker side! Our listener’s request these types of experiences more often than any other.

Near the end of the month, in time for Thanksgiving, we will be releasing 4 brand new experiences centered around the theme of spanking. And so, we don’t hit you too hard in the wallet we are offering all titles at 20% off.

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