Happy Halloween

Friday, 14 October 2016


Open that goody bag wide, we have plenty of treats to give you this month!

You know we love Halloween at The Manor and have been planning this party for months! Join us now for a chance to be anonymous, to give in to legends and make your wildest fantasies come true or just come to the party and see what sensual delicacies you might find there and more … all in this month’s spine tingling selection of super sexy audio experiences.

A chance to put on a disguise and go unnoticed, offers incredible freedom and when Jezebel drops you off at a party full of sensual delights, you are overwhelmed by choice. You’re welcome to choose from the many offerings, but when not one, but two women, lure you into their sexy lair it is oh, so hard to say no. Masquerade is every man’s fantasy come true in this Triple XXX Fantasy Sex for Men experience.

Oh Essemoh… You have been a very bad boy this month—again! In Minotaur’s Mate, the fantasy definitely becomes reality. The beast of legends has always caused a tingle down low, what could it hurt to dream, it isn’t real.  But, what if? You think you should resist, you don’t want to like it, but after some very careful preparation you are more than ready to accept ALL this beast has to offer! Go ahead be naughty, you know you love it and no one has to know. This Triple XXX Fantasy Sex for Women experience offers you a chance to experience an impossibly delicious fantasy. And in 3D Holophonic audio, it will make the hairs on your neck stand on end!

Jezebel has always had a vampire fetish and in the exquisite Impossible Lesbian Lovers experience: Bitten, she won’t let up until you’re almost drained. A dark spooky night and a walk home alone takes a sexy turn when a beautiful woman joins you- ‘safety in numbers’,’ she says. Feel the slow tingle of your nerves as the energy is taken from you and given to your captor. Don’t be afraid, you will still be aroused enough to feel every drop of pleasure as your undead partner comes to life and gives back.  And when those drops collect and begin to pool...Be prepared to get all you deserve and so much more!

The infamous glory hole, you’ve heard the stories, but nothing is quite like experiencing it first hand—so to speak! Where the power of anonymity brings pleasure of the naughtiest kind. Essemoh does not disappoint in Glory, this sizzling Impossible Gay Lovers experience. Immersed in exquisite pleasure with a stranger is almost more than you can bear, but when Essemoh makes it three, the results are sure to be explosive!

And our annual Halloween Gift to you offers two new FREE experiences.

In 31st you have a date with destiny. Essemoh sneaks in under the cover of darkness and offers you the kind of pleasure that only he can. The line between fantasy and reality can sometimes blur, but the pleasure is so real you will ache for more once he’s gone.  Then the doorbell rings and you pause, wondering just who might be on the other side...

Jezebel is true to form in Bewitched. When she was a little girl her father told her that all redheads were witches. Well, it may not be true, but we know that she does have very special powers—of persuasion, anyway. All she needs to do is call you to her then use you for her pleasure-- and yours! Resistance is futile… answer her call.

And check back next month when we will offer two new FREE experiences for our gay and lesbian listeners centered around our annual Spanksgiving celebration!

I hate to mention this, but the holidays are not too far off. We have had a busy year recording all of then new experiences and many personalised audios as well.

Personalised experiences makes a great gift for yourself or your lover. The process is simple: first fill out this questionnaire and email it to us. Be as honest as you can with your answers as we want to make sure to give you what you want. Depending on your requests you will then be directed to purchase gift vouchers which will be held pending until your audio is complete. This usually takes 2-4 weeks. And to enter the running to win a FREE personalized experience, simply write a review of DEV©, post it online where you think the most folks will see it  then email us a link, your name will be put in the running for this prize valued at over £50! Read more about it here: www.smotp.com

Orgo$ are piling up again, with over £400 worth waiting to be used, what are you waiting for? They are valid for a rolling 12 months, but don’t lose this special discount, use them to try something new. And don’t forget, leaving a review is an easy way to earn an extra 20 Orgo$ for each product you comment on!

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