Back to School

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Fall is in the air and is most welcome after a long, hot summer. Depending on where you live of course, we welcome the crisp snap of air that tells us winter will eventually arrive. Some may have not yet returned to school, but here at The Manor the new term is in full swing.

To celebrate Back to School month, we are running a special School Supplies SALE: 20% off all titles, so stock up now. If you are a student or teacher you might need a little something to ease the pressure of the long days ahead, and if you are a parent of a school aged child—well, need I say that you most definitely deserve a break, so lie back relax and hit play. Directed Erotic Visualisation© will relieve much more than stress.

Essemoh has been working closely with his students. Very close indeed. In Professor's Pet a young woman is summoned to her Professor’s office to go over her grades. Showing off her considerable assets gives Professor Essemoh an idea of how she might improve her marks. Looks like an easy A here!

Jezebel is a very bad girl and her sexy Naughty Schoolgirl experience has her seducing her Algebra teacher. She never could quite figure out what X means, unless of course, you put the SE in front of it!

Professor Essemoh is definitely an equal opportunity seducer and his new experience for gay men, Bottom of the Class has him working very closely with a young male student to help him make the mark. Super-hot, this one is not to be missed.

And Jezebel is not to be outdone! Visiting a childhood girlfriend in her cozy college dorm room turns into more than a party weekend when they decide to take matters of sexual frustration in to their own –and each other’s hands. In BFF they learn what being the very best of friends really means. The fact that her boyfriend sneaks in to watch only makes it more exciting.

The response to the Behind the Door series has been an overwhelming Yes! More Please. These incredible experiences skirt the darker side of pain and pleasure, but in Essemoh’s capable hands it is difficult to say no. Don’t worry, he will take extraordinary care of you. Choose your door and enter a world of exquisite sensation.

The Call for Submissions for our latest anthology: Talk Dirty to Me, is almost closed. Just a few more weeks until the October 1 deadline. We have received some toe curling submissions and look forward to hearing your story. Warm up those vocal chords and give us your sexiest stories for this innovative new AUDIO ONLY anthology. 

And don’t forget, we are always looking for new voices to record experiences for us. Check out our audition requirements here: What have you got to lose, except maybe your inhibitions! Whisper in to the ears of millions, taking them to the ultimate pleasure with the sound of your voice alone.

Orgo$ are piling up again, with over £400 worth waiting to be used, what are you waiting for? They are valid for a rolling 12 months, but don’t lose this special discount, use them to try something new. And don’t forget, leaving a review is an easy way to earn an extra 20 Orgo$ for each product you comment on!

We are already busily working on October experiences and planning the infamous Halloween Party at The Manor. There will be lots of ghouls and goblins and things will definitely be going bump in the night. Keep checking back for the release of brand new FREE spine tingling experiences. to celebrate All Hallows Eve.

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