Behind the Door

Sunday, 21 August 2016

It is that time of year again.  The days are getting a little cooler, the kids are heading back to school and soon summer will be a distant memory. For many it is a hectic time cramming in a last minute holiday or preparing to send your first off to UNI.

We know just how hectic it can be, so we have worked around the clock to get the new Behind the Door Series ready for you a couple weeks early. Nothing relieves stress like a few good orgasms!

For the many of you that preordered your license, thank you. It will automatically appear in your account, check there now.

Deep down in Essemoh's Special Place are a series of Doors. Behind each one is an exciting new experience for you to try. This new series from Essemoh is not for the faint of heart, but if you like your sex on the VERY naughty side than these experiences are for you.  Go ahead, choose your first one...

The Library has always been a place to relax with a good book, however in this experience your lover reads you a very demanding story. As fascinating as it is, you will have to listen through almost the entire story before you reach the climax...

Acupuncture can provide relief to many symptoms, even helping you to relax. In Needlepoint, Essemoh’s special twist of the art bring symptoms of heavy breathing, wetness between your legs, and lots of orgasms.  As the tension builds you will need to remember to hold very, very still. Don’t worry the pain will be exquisite.   

Candle Work brings light to a listener’s favorite. The mood is set, the beautiful candlelight creating a soft glow that seems to radiate in your core. So peaceful, so warm, as it drips, drip, drips –

If you haven’t had quite enough yet, then Rose Vase will be a nice way to cap things off. Essemoh arrives at your door with a beautiful bunch of roses and a hopeful smile…The flowers indeed are for you…but alas, you cannot find a vase. Leave it up to Essemoh to find the perfect receptacle! 

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And since Back to School is nearly upon us, don’t forget to check back in September for a new set of naughty school related experiences. An all-girls boarding school has plenty of all girl action, a young gay just out wants to learn the ropes from an older man, a very naughty school girl wants you to give her everything and your favorite Professor is going to teach you some very sexy lessons.

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