Sunday, 7 August 2016

This month we have re-released the Classic DEV© experiences, remastered and edited for extended listening pleasure. These experiences are at the very heart of Directed Erotic Visualisation© and stripped down to the basics of the process, they are even more intense than some of our newer titles with all the bells and whistles. Think of it as an acoustic version of a well known hit song. How you are able to understand the lyrics in a whole new way, absorb the melody, and suddenly,  it is a new, yet, more intense version of a familiar favorite.  If you like your experiences powerful, you might want to try the Surrender and Submission side of things.

And if that is not enough to whet your appetite, we are offering these Classic Titles at 25% off through the month of August! Check our Classic Rewind section for all the available titles.

We chatted with Essemoh Teepee about how it all began and here is what he had to say:

“Directed Erotic Visualisation© did not appear out of nowhere, fully formed into a useful protocol that helps listeners enter into a relaxed, altered state of mind and experience their fantasises. Over ten years ago it was a germ of an idea to try give the reader a richer experience of erotic stories and erotica in general. Good erotic writing attempts to do what Stephen King* calls '…having a meeting of minds…engaging in an act of telepathy. No mythy-mountain shit; real telepathy.'

The writer has a vision of events and is describing it in such a way as to communicate that vision as effectively as possible into the reader's mind. An important tenet of Neuro Linguistic Programming is 'Communication is the response you get'. Which is another way of stating what King is saying.

What has all that to do with DEV©?

Back in 2005 audiobooks were not as pervasive and popular as they are now and many were simply a voice reading the text. Usually the production was competently done, often with some interpretation, but not too much so that the performance became an audio play.

I had been experimenting with suggestion techniques and highly erotic narratives in long distance connections. The outcome of such connections being orgasmic release, but 'hands free', using only the dimension of sound, no masturbation.

Instead of becoming an 'add on' to a sexy story, the technique became something that stood alone. It was an erotic experience where a voice directed the relaxed and receptive listener through a guided visualisation to orgasm. Hence the eventual name, Directed Erotic Visualisation©.

The very first experimental audios were released through Literotica.com to see what an unprepared audience would make of them. I released an audio, aimed at women in March 2007. I was fortunate to persuade one of the stars of Literotica, Wyked Voyce to record a version for men and released it in December 2008. Between them they have been listened to by more than one million people to date.

I have said that if I had a cent for every orgasm that DEV© is responsible for, I would be a very wealthy man. I guess I hope to have a healthy Karma bank balance instead!”

Well, we are certainly glad that Essemoh has created such an incredible experience and we know our listeners are, too!

The buzz on the street is: you are impatient  to see what is behind the door!  Essemoh is busy putting the finishing touches on a set of sizzling hot experiences titled: Behind the Door. For those of you who have been lured down to Essemoh’s Special Place before, you know there are many doors to be opened, each with a sexy surprise hiding within. Prepare yourself, these are not for the faint of heart, but they are for those who like orgasms—lots of orgasms! Four new experiences for you to choose from. Which door will be your first?

Here is a sneak peek to get your juices flowing. Behind the Door experiences will be available for pre-order by months end. We can’t wait either!

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*Stephen King. On Writing: a Memoir of the Craft. New English Library (2001)