Everything Old is New Again

Sunday, 24 July 2016






We’ve been doing a little remodeling at The Manor and hope you like what we’ve done with the place Although it looks lovely, it is so much more than just a pretty page. Streamlining the website will make it even easier for you to have all the orgasms you want.

We are working on adding exciting new features that will provide you with even more pleasure. Genevieve has been busy getting the Owner’s Manual together for the new eSensual Intimacy Hub. This new section will provide you with all things related to positive, intimate sexual experiences and well-being. Articles, blogs, accessories, games, and so much more. You’ll be able to step inside The Manor and find a wealth of information in the Library, the Play Room, the General Store and the Bedroom to list just a few places of particular interest.

Of course, we can’t forget the Dungeon. Essemoh has been down there tinkering and tweaking, keeping secrets even from us here at The Manor. We are all a twitter waiting to see what he has in store for us. I can tell you this, I snuck down to take a peek and he has been working on making sure all the doors off the main hall are all fixed up. They have shiny new name plates and will be easier for you to open. What’s behind those doors? Well, you will have to wait and see but I'm sure they will all be full of orgasms for the taking.  

Stay tuned for information on the release dates of these exciting new experiences and a lot of great new ways to Experience the Fantasy.

We are looking forward to our August promotion. Back to the Classics will provide you an opportunity to try the oldies but goodies that turned Directed Erotic Visualisation© into the phenomenon it is today. Don’t worry if you’re familiar with our older titles you’ll have an opportunity to try them again, this time remastered and extended for even more pleasure. So far, Cwtch Original, Impossible Lover and Follow Me are leading the pack!

Our July Sale Buy 2, Get 1 FREE is on through the end of the month.  It’s a great time to stock up on your favorites and what better to do on a hot summer’s night than to lie still in the darkness and let Jezebel or Essemoh whisper in your ear? It has been very warm all over the globe this year so perhaps we should get them to record  some audios that include "feel the air conditioningblow across your heated flesh."

As always, we continue to work on new projects to keep you coming back for more! Your ideas and suggestions are important to us and we continue to incorporate as many of our listener’s ideas as possible. We would love to hear from you about which of the original files are your favorites. or what new experiences you woud like to see. 

Swimming with Dolphins and Cougar Holiday have taken the lead as the most popular new releases. Both audios are intense, slightly naughty and full of orgasms. Spending time in a secluded cove with a gorgeous creature that wants to give you the thrill of a lifetime or with a gorgeous experienced woman on a beach are a perfect summer treat. 

Check back often for all the latest information on exciting new experiences and follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, Check us out on Instagramour YouTube channel and for more DEV© related news visit smotp.com.