Dragons, Guardians and Dolphins, Oh My!

Friday, 8 July 2016

Depending on where you are located on the globe, summer may or may not be bringing hot sunny days, but here at The Manor the temperature is rising. We have created so many sizzling hot new experiences for you, we need a cold shower! Well, we have had a few of those in the UK lately anyway! 

This month our new releases are skirting the edges of decency –ah, but aren’t they always… after a few months of our deeply sensual and often demanding, story based titles, we are mixing things up and giving you just a little more.

Essemoh has finally acquiesced and given us the long-time listener favorite: Swimming with Dolphins. Created out of his one-on–one experiences, it has been a perennial favorite. And what happens? You, carefully ask. Oh yes, it does… Dragons, and guardians and dolphins, OH MY!

Let Essemoh lead you along the warms sands to where the water gently laps the shore and allow yourself the pleasure of floating in the crystal clear water. This Triple XXX Taboo experience will have all your senses swimming with pleasure.

Jezebel hasn’t been quite as naughty, but based on a scene from Widows Walk, her new Impossible Lesbian Lovers experience called The Dance is a sultry turn around the floor when a very private lap dance becomes much, much, more. Having a male lover watch, manages to turn up the heat a few more degrees and also makes this a perfect experience for the male listener and the bi/curious/female listener as well.

Of course, we find so many of our listeners enjoy experiences from all of our categories. Sex is good, pleasure is good and we are pleased to provide you with so many options to turn you on. Mix it up, put your mind into a different perspective and see how your body reacts to the pleasure. What have you got to lose?

For our Impossible Gay Lovers selection this month, we have Strangers on a TrainA reflection in the train windows captivates you. You know he is watching you, too. A little liquid courage might help, but when you head to the refreshment car, an electrical problem in a dark tunnel gives your handsome stranger just enough time to take matters into his own hands—or mouth. I hope the lights don’t come back on without warning…

And by popular request, Jezebel has rounded out the month with the first in her Impossible Lovers for Men: Cougar Series. The sexy summer treat Cougar Holiday has her on a sunny beach holiday where she spots a group of healthy, fit young men playing volleyball on the sand. The bravest of the bunch approaches her and Jezebel rewards his courage in the best possible way. With a few tricks up her sleeve- or not, she teaches him how a woman likes to be pleasured. Your friends won’t be laughing when they find out what they’ve missed. Won’t you take the chance?

This month’s promotional offer is: Buy any two titles and get the third, Absolutely FREE! The hottest days are still ahead for many of us, so, why not add a few new experiences to your erotic playlist? Lie back, wait for a breeze: be still for a while – well, or for at least a few minutes until to your hips start moving…

And remember to check ‘allow contact’ on your account to receive random promo codes for big savings only for our regular listeners! Why so many sales and promotions, you ask? Dont get too spoiled, but we understand that if you are new to DEV©, you may be unsure about choosing a title with so many options, and if you are an experienceed connoisseur, you want to buy as many orgasms as you can, so, in an effort to spread the joy, we offer you a chance to do it at a discount. It's that simple. We truly are committed to share as much pleasure with as many listeners as we can. Why not join the over 2 million listeners who have download Directed Erotic Visualisation© experiences with very satisfying results.

Next month we will be highlighting our Classic DEV titles. Re-mastered, re-edited and some with extended tracks, offer the best quality for your listening pleasure. The bells and whistles are great, but sometimes it is best to go back to where it all began. A lot of submission, a lot of demands and a whole lot of orgasms! Be prepared, extreme pleasure is coming.

Thanks to those who heard the call to use your Orgo$. We still have almost £400 worth floating around, so, why not use them now and claim your free/reduced titles. And don’t forget, you can add to your balance quickly by leaving a review- even on FREE titles!

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