Simple #AdultSexEd

Friday, 10 June 2016


June is #AdultSexEd month, and here at The Manor, we like to stay abreast of new developments in the art of pleasure. However, the truth is, all most people need to do is pay attention to one another and the details will soon fall into place.

The world is full of self-help guides for every imaginable subject. We read, we take notes, we try to implement schedules and new approaches, but often it doesn’t seem to get us very far. Our society has become absorbed with instant gratification. The internet, mobile phones, the land of plenty, all encourage us to take what we want, when we want it and sometimes the details get lost in the shuffle. In the heat of passion desire can make it difficult to remember what you might have read a week ago or even hours before. With a no pressure approach the first step is to simply relax. Easier said than done perhaps, but with gentle encouragement and some simple breathing the world will fall away and be replaced with peace.  Once you have reached a place of contentment the possibilities are endless.


Touching Couples was a natural progression in the ongoing creation of the DEV experience. Our listeners repeatedly said that the enjoyed the product so much they wished they could share it with their partner. We received comments about listening while their partner watched, listeners who used DEV as foreplay prior to a sexual connection and many that used the products created for the opposite sex as a \way to experience doing things to the other partner and not just enjoying their own pleasure.

After a great deal of trial and error and several test runs we developed a way for the process to work simultaneously for both partners. The first experience, Intimacy, was so popular we created more, and the Better Sex line of audios was created.

When couples are struggling with intimacy often times they are feeling vulnerable and the fear of discussing the issues with their partner is too difficult to overcome. Sometimes a little intervention is required. Enter: Touching Couples.

Intimacy is about reconnecting. Getting back to the basics and taking the time to pay close attention to a person that you care for. To have a patient tender voice to guide you along the way takes the pressure off you and your partner. After all you are doing what you are told. There is a great deal of information out there, more than we need, but instead of searching the internet for articles and video clips, why not give Touching Couples a try. Even if you do not learn anything new, there are probably a couple orgasms in there for you, so it is a win either way.

After all that learning, you deserve a break! It is summer in most places and time for a slower pace, relaxing a little more, laughing a little harder. Check out our new Summer Fun category where you will find some great beach reads, several steamy audio books and more than a few sultry DEV© experiences to listen to as you while away the lazy days.

Based on a scene from the popular Black Knight Series, Silk will have you wishing you were tied to that huge four poster bed. No one embodies Sir John quite like Essemoh and in this sizzling Triple XXX DEV© experience you will spend your time vacillating between moments of wishing it will never end and wondering if you can possibly take anymore—or anyone else.

From the anthology Cream of the Crop, Jezebel is in a hotel bar looking for adventure. She meant to leave the riding crop on the train for someone else, but a cancelled journey and another weary traveler up for the game, give her one more chance to put that crop to good use. This sensational experience will have you telling the bartender, I’ll have What he’s Having.

More you say? In the Impossible Gay Lovers series we have another First Time. In this experience Essemoh has given you the key to his hotel room. He is there waiting for you: bound, open, and aroused. You know you are ready. Take charge and give him your all in First Time: Taking Charge.

Destiny seems to touch us all at one time or another and for a young woman with a broken heart it happens while she is away on a sunny holiday to nurse her wounds. Jezebel uses her own brand of sexual healing in this sexy Impossible Lesbian Lovers experience and soon all is right with world once more.

With all these exciting new experiences and some long-time favorites, how will you ever choose, you ask? Well, the good news is you don’t have to. The June COOL DOWN SALE offers all titles at 25% off list price, so stock up now for the long, hot summer ahead.

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