Getting Off

Friday, 20 May 2016


At The Manor we believe that every month is Masturbation Month, but we couldn’t let the official May Masturbation go by without a few more comments. Masturbation in most cases, like DEV©, leads to orgasms and there is nothing we enjoy more than orgasms! Giving and receiving.

Whether your sex life is fabulous, lacking any fresh action or just plain lacking, masturbation can be the added bonus to pull it all together

Sexual frustration can usually be pinpointed to communication issues. Not being able to ask for what you need is an issue with many. The whole dance of seduction, trying to guess what your partner wants and hesitating to say what you want can be daunting and a turn off. But not knowing what you need can often be the real problem with many.

We have all different sexual histories. From the comments and feedback information we receive, we know that only a few have had the fortunate experiences or explorations that lead to discovering their sexual needs. Certainly – and I hate to say it, 50SOG has encouraged more women to explore their sexuality and their men have benefited—as for the ones who whinge on about how much pressure it has created to perform better between the sheets—yes, I know women can be so demanding but chances are you’re going to get a fabulous orgasm out of it so why complain? And just to be clear when we talk about performance, we don't mean staying hard and pounding away for hours on end! Bring some variety to the mattress. Touching your partners bodies, stroking their skin and hair and kissing other things than just their mouth is a start!

One of the better ways to explore your own sensuality is through masturbation. Toss aside the ingrained social stigma. The old words “you’ll go blind,” or “you’ll end up with hairy palms,” can ring negative bells in our minds, but they are meaningless nonsense. Forget the naysayers and remember the delights of sneaking a quickie under the covers, trying to control your breathing as your college roommate slept nearby. Then there were the long, tingling showers and slippery fingers as your siblings pounded on the door waiting their turn in the bathroom. Remember the times when the itch just had to be scratched and go for the gold. But don’t hurry to get there, no sprinting for the finish! Take the time to be good to yourself at least once a day…

If you’re not sure where to begin you might want to try Finding the Sweet Spot or DEV MOD© Directed Masturbation for a little sensual guidance. If you fancy being dominated and told what to do while discovering your own body then try Taking Direction from the Surrender & Submission series of DEV© experiences

Once you know how your own body works, the best stimulation for you, then you can ask for what you want.

In a relationship? Then masturbating side by side or watching while you take turns can not only be a real turn on, but will enable you to see how your partner likes to be pleased best.  If you can wait your turn, it will enable you to focus on what they are doing.  And the added bonus of oxytocin, the chemical released with orgasm, will increase your intimacy and enable you to communicate with less fear of rejection. As a wise (cracking) friend once said, “You’ve had his c**k in your mouth but you’re afraid to ask for what you need.”

Our Touching Couples Series has been created to encourage conversation and exploration with a no pressure, high pleasure result. Let someone else do the heavy lifting and simply lie back and enjoy. It has the best of what DEV© has to offer designed as an interactive couples experience.

However you choose to flick the bean, choke the chicken, spank the monkey or rub it out, the important thing to remember is that ultimately pleasure comes in many forms. Do what feels good with no end goal in mind, eventually the rest will take care of itself. Now, if you’ll excuse me I have a banister to polish…  

DEV: making the world a better place one orgasm at a time