May Day! May Day!

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Masturbation Month is here! So stock up on batteries, exercise those fingers, and work out a schedule of new and exciting ways to orgasm. Looking for something to mix it up? Why not try a few of our specialized titles to celebrate the art of self-pleasure? You'll be glad that you did! 
Finding the Sweet Spot has Jezebel encouraging the ladies to find their G spot, while Essemoh is working with the ladies in our DEV Mod© Directed Masturbation module.
Looking for more?  Essemoh is demanding in the multi-orgasmic Surrender and Submission titles: Please me and Taking Direction, take the pressure off, he will tell you just how to do it.
And for the men, we have Jezebel in: Peep Show and Let me Watch, two voyeuristic experiences from different perspectives sure to get you in the mood.

We are also celebrating May Day this month.

The freshness of spring slowly easing into the summer warmth is a time for daydreams and fantasy. The May Queen herself, Princess of the Fairies, heralds this fruitful new season of fertility and rebirth.The girls at The Manor are weaving crowns of flowers while the guys are shining up their poles for a little dancing. Wont you join us in the festivities?

To celebrate we have four sensational new experiences.
For the women a celebration of pure pleasure awaits as Essemoh crowns you May Queen and leads you to a place where a special sacrifice is made: giving him all your orgasms!
In the Impossible Lesbian Lovers series , Jezebel is away with the Nymphs &Fairies. You, the May Queen, are Princess of the Fairies and the fairies long to give you the honour you deserve. Relax in the forest as they – and Jezebel, pay very close attention to all your needs.
The Green Man lurks deep in the woods looking for just the right man to satisfy his lustful desires. Essemoh will make sure you find each other in this other-worldly experience in the Impossible Gay Lovers series.
Jezebel won’t be left out of the May Day festivities and in Clipping her Wings, you find her alone, dancing in a sunlit meadow--until you take her deep into the dark woods. Bound and naked on a stone altar, she is yours for the taking.

A lot of exciting things are happening at The Manor as we continue to develop new ways to keep you coming back for more--pun intended

If you missed last week’s blog, read about our new Call for Submissions. A brand new anthology edited by Essemoh Teepee and Genevieve Ash is in the works. Audio stories by your favorite authors to be written in the style of DEV and recorded in their own voices! More to come on this exciting new project as it develops. In the meantime, why not create an audio story of your own and send us your submission. We love it when you Talk Dirty to Us!


The ETO Blog Spot is fast approaching and we are pleased to be participating again this year. Our latest eSensual Accessory will be part of the goody bags this year and we hope you agree the earbuds look as fabulous as they sound!  Mel McFarlane from Volputasse and Cheryl Kaye from Horny Geek Girl will be hosting this year, so don’t forget to stop by Booth A36 .We have also donated a £50 voucher to the Grand Prize Draw, so don’t forget to enter while you’re there!

Read our review of Sheets of San Francisco here and find out why we recommend this product as one of our eSensual Accessories.

Currently, we have over £300 in outstanding Orgo$ don’t forget to use yours, they are valid for 12 months on a rolling scale. And don’t forget 20 free Orgo$ each time you leave a review of our experiences. They add up fast, so don’t forget to leave reviews to earn free experiences!

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