Taking the Leap

Saturday, 27 February 2016

It is leap day—almost—and Genevieve and her ‘romance writing’ sensibilities have everyone at The Manor fired up about the possibilities. Will we have any proposals at The Manor? Watch out Essemoh, you never know who might be lurking with a ring… of course, propositions are more likely than proposals!

Irish Legend says St Brigid struck a deal with St Patrick that would allow women to propose to their beloved, which of course in modern times could happen on any day, but the legend seems to make it more romantic than desperate.

The more practical Greeks tend to look at leap day as a Friday the 13th with not only proposals being unlucky, but marrying on a leap year at all is considered risky.

It is said that Queen Margaret of Scotland declared a law to fine men who did not accept a woman’s proposal. (However, since she died at the tender age of 8, this is highly unlikely!)To avoid the fines it is a custom for men in Europe to buy up to 12 pairs of glove to hide a woman’s bare ring finger! Wow- if they haven’t proposed yet and they are thinking that not one, but twelve pairs of gloves are necessary, I am guessing they may not be ready for marriage. Run, don’t walk ladies

Of course, no holiday would be complete without exciting new audios to celebrate with.

A leap year twist on DEV© brings two new FREE experiences. Since we have had so many positive comments about the ‘switch’ and how many of our listeners enjoy a cross section of male and female experiences, we have tried something a little different to combine the best of worlds. Please let us know what you think!

From Jezebel we have, Making the Leap a DEV experience which turns the table as she leads the women on a date with their impossible lover. After Essemoh relaxes you, Jezebel lends a hand preparing you and making some sexy suggestions. 

Essemoh has gladly reciprocated providing some guidance and suggestions for the men in, Taking the Leap. If anyone can provide men with guidance for a perfect date it is surely Essemoh! A different take on DEV© that will lead you down the same path –the road straight to orgasm!

Spring is right around the corner, a time when all creatures become more than a little twitterpated. To celebrate we have four exciting new audio experiences planned for March focusing on a spring theme. You won’t want to miss the early release of Essemoh’s special TripleXXX Dragon Sexxx experience in honor of St David’s Day celebrated in Wales on March the 1st. Men wear your leeks proudly and ladies, your daffodils—I hear tell that Welsh Dragons love daffodils so be prepared to be ravished.

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