Sexy treats for your Sweetheart

Thursday, 11 February 2016


Valentine’s Day is coming and of course, we want you to come as well! As long as the month of January seemed to drag on, February is flying by. Here at The Manor we have hit the ground running, so we could have our special Valentine’s Experiences ready in time for the big day. Everyone here is decorating their boxes and waiting for the deposits…

By popular request, Essemoh has produced yet another exciting new audio in the Better Sex Series for women titled: Romancing the Virgin.  Many women have written to us asking for the opportunity to experience their first time without fear or fumbling and Essemoh has taken their comments and created what we think is the perfect experience. Tender, compassionate and exciting, your Impossible Lover leads you to the heights of ecstasy while helping you understand all the new sensations your body is feeling. A lesson that will make your sexual awakening last a lifetime through.

Jezebel has always loved Valentine’s Day and this year she is prepared to give you all her sweetest treats. In A Kiss for You, My Darling, her signature close becomes more than a blowing you a kiss. in this Impossible Lovers for Men experience she has prepared a special evening of catering only to you. She may not be able to hold out long without some orgasms of her own, but her aim is giving you all the pleasure she has inside of her.

And in the Impossible Lesbian Lovers Series, Jezebel is a bartender with a knack for knowing what you really want. In Valentine Box, an evening in a hotel bar turns into a celebration of the hottest kind. She can’t wait to give you exactly what you want.

And Essemoh is up to tricks again with in Every Inch of You. In this delicious experience for the Impossible Gay Lovers Series, Essemoh takes all he can get from you and still wants more. Give him everything—all of you and you will be handsomely rewarded in kind.

Captivating Research was released today!  Captivating Research written by Genevieve Ash and Essemoh Teepee is the sequel to Practical Research, this blockbuster adventure novel is a humorous sexy twist on the genre. Pre-orders were strong and we look forward to your comments and reviewsAcademic Research, the third in the series, is a spicy whodunit taking place in the dreaming spires of Oxford and is well under way with a planned Christmas Release. 

Speaking of comments and reviews, don’t forget to leave feedback on your purchases to receive even more Orgodollars©. We are happy to post them anonymously, please let us know. Orgodollars© add up quickly so earn your free DEV© experiences the easy way, comment today! As you can see by our new experiences we take our listener feedback very seriously.

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