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Friday, 30 October 2015

Well, October has flown by on its broom and swept away most of the warm weather with it. We keep telling you how hectic it is here at The Manor, but it just keeps getting busier. We do love to be busy though, so keep your suggestions coming.

The Everything to do with Sex Show provided a great weekend of fun, frolicking and fantastically sexy products to try. Genevieve was all abuzz about her experience with the violet wand. Burlesque, male revues, and sexy acrobatics rounded out the seminars and multiple shopping opportunities.

Of particular interest was a seminar on one of our favourite subjects; Squirting! Carlyle Jansen has been providing education in a sex positive way to folks for over 20 years. She approached the subject with passion, intelligence and just the right touch of humour. Some of her basic secrets to squirting include:

Make sure you are aroused first

Use two fingers inside the vagina (upper wall) with a come hither motion or choose a suitable G-spot toy

During intercourse, point the penis toward the bellybutton

Milk the spongy area for a LONG time                                    

When you feel the urge to push- go for it!

Remove fingers/toy and rub the outside of the urethra 

You can find out much more about Carlyle and squirting among other things at and

And don’t forget Jezebel’s popular training DEV© experience; Finding the Sweet Spot, for a hands on training. Remember to put a towel down first!                          

Our winners of the Voices of DEV competition are working hard on producing new experiences for you, including the lovely and talented Shay who is working in tandem with Mistress Jezebel in our new release Trick or Treat?  They will give you more than you dared imagine, but be warned, if you misbehave there will be discipline. Part of our Spanksgiving celebration in November. 


Essemoh has been very busy recording and editing some astounding paranormal 3D experiences for the dark nights ahead. Our Halloween freebie Surprize! has created quite a stir and is now Vibease enabled. Your lover grows stronger with passion and the more orgasms you have, the more he changes, shifts in to something not quite human.

A new vampire experience for gay men Surrender Yourself will make you shiver with pleasure. The Vampire needs to take from you in order to give even more. He will drain you almost dry, just before he fills you to overflowing.

And the long awaited appearance of The Guardian has finally come—and so will you. Multiple times! He guards the entrance to ‘My Special Place’ with a keen sense of smell. He will sense your fear, but it is your scent, your essence, that will drive him wild with lust. Be prepared to stretch more than your boundaries in this very special experience.             

Jezebel has been busy, too. Not only working on training with our new voices, but recording a few special experiences as well. Mine, All Mine the Halloween freebie is the Prequel to Trick or Treat and finds Jezebel as a succubus waiting to drain your life force for her own pleasure—and yours.

Yes, Milord is a fantasy experience that features a chambermaid with the will to give all to her Lord and Master, including her innocence. And currently she is in production of a new 3D experience. We don’t want to give too much away just yet, but be prepared to experience the fantasy in exquisite detail as she whispers in your ear.

That being said, we all make mistakes from time to time and Jez has no shortage of them. A recent review came in for our popular Naughty Nurse for men experience and we were shocked to read there was a flub in the recording. After thousands of downloads this is the first we heard about it. The file has been repaired and if you have purchased this audio from eSensual Books you may use your license to download the corrected file. 

While in the aftercare phase Jez makes a mistake and rather forcefully expels an expletive before moving on. Maybe we need to start a blooper reel! You can listen to Jezebel’s flub here:   

Want to Work With Us?

We are getting ready to open our Intern positions for the New Year. If you are interested in learning more about working in independent publishing, audio erotica and Directed Erotic Visualisation© then you should consider applying. Check out the information on the varied opportunities for work experience in the eSensual Group. 

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