Time Enough At Last!

Sunday, 4 November 2012


Time Enough at Last!

With our signature eBook/audio anthologies, single titles, series and DEV, we offer the immersion into sensuality that is not always provided by the written word.

Sometimes it is nice to sit back, close your eyes and let someone else transport you to another world. As a reader this can give you a different perspective on a story. We use our own experiences and point of reference to put added emotion into a story. When an actor - or narrator, performs that same story it can give you a different perspective or confirm your feelings.

Often we are too busy to read at leisure, to truly immerse ourselves. Audio can fill the gap by providing exciting well written stories expertly performed that give you the depth of experience you are looking for in small bursts without the constraints of your busy schedule.

My favorite episode from the old TwilightZone is; ‘Time Enough at Last’. Poor Mr. Beemis just wants to sit and read uninterrupted. Hiding in the bank vault where he works, a nuclear holocaust occurs and he is the only living person left on the Earth. He finds the library and rejoices. Time enough to read without interruption—until he drops and crushes his eyeglasses and now, cannot see. He will never be able to read again. Ah, if Mr. Beemis had audio books!

See what we have to offer as a compliment to your reading. Let your mind be swept away to another world. Writers, contact us if you have stories you would like produced in audio format. Join with us in exploring this exciting new venture.

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