Spanking, Orgasms and new erotic romance!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Finally, it is here! No, I am not talking about fall although, that is equally exciting, I am talking about Practical Research

The first in the Research Series written by Genevieve Ash and Essemoh Teepee introduces the ingénue Callista, her beloved Professor Anbu, his sexy Voodoo priestess housekeeper Bruna and the slightly crazy, but lovable Chaddie as they navigate the ups and downs of relationships in this unconventional romance. Join them on their journey of sexy hi-jinx that twist some obvious clichés to add humor to this contemporary romp. Available from Smashwords, Amazon, and right here at eSensual Books. 

Orgodollars© Listener Loyalty Rewards are finally here too! You earn one Orgodollar© for every dollar (gbp) spent at eSensual Books. Save your Orgodollars and earn $ off your next purchase. Leave a review and earn an extra 20 Orgodollars©. Keep watching for more ways to earn rewards faster.

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Our new review system is up and running as well.  A few days after your purchase, you will receive an email prompting you to leave a product review or service feedback. This is so important to us as it enables us to produce an even better product. You know there is nothing we enjoy more than giving you what you want! A hearty thanks to our loyal listeners for their suggestions and reviews.

The Manor is abuzz getting ready for our annual Halloween Party. Keep checking back for our spooky Freebies created especially for you. The subject matter is under wraps, but we are sure that they will cause shivers to run--up and down, up and down, up and down…  

And let’s not forget to mention the fabulous new DEV© experience Orgasm Surrender, our first 3D holophonic audio that is creating quite a stir. The Master, Essemoh Teepee, crawls not only into your head but into your bed as well with this exciting new technology—and once he gets there he does not let up, even if you beg. Let him whisper in your ear, you won’t regret this one. Warning: not for the faint of heart. Keep practicing, you will need the stamina when the new ‘Birthday Series’ arrives. You won’t be receiving a spanking for each year, but an orgasm—what else?

The winners of our Voices of DEV will be announced soon and some exciting new experiences are being developed with them in mind. The competition was so successful we have decided to leave the auditions open indefinitely. Think you have what it takes to make people explode into orgasm? Audition for us today.

The Vibease experiences are getting favorable reviews. We would never leave out our male listener’s, so we are working diligently to find the perfect product to use with DEV© for them as well.  Stay tuned for more details

Audio, video, digital, printed--we continue to develop new products to provide as much pleasure as possible.  Talk to us, tell us what you want or you might just earn some ‘Spankodollars©’ More to come...                                               

DEV©: making the World a better place one orgasm at a time!