What is all this talk about #SexTech

Sunday, 13 September 2015

What is all this talk about #SexTech

By Essemoh Teepee

It seems like suddenly everyone is talking about #SexTech and #virtualreality in relation to all things sex.

DEV© audio experiences are produced with the aim of satisfying the listener without the need for physical stimulation, but in some cases a little extra help can make it even better. Which is why the eSensual Group of enterprises, the producers of DEV©, have embraced the #SexTech revolution and teamed up with #vibease. Vibease is a discreet, smart wearable vibrator, programmable to work in tandem with audio and deliver a range of physical stimuli to promote a climax. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to enhancing the way we create DEV© experiences for the ultimate pleasure

The concept of VR has been with us for decades, the ultimate goal in VR tech being the Star Trek Universe holodeck. We may still have a little way to go yet, but many think that a merging of such tech as Oculus and Virtuix for visual #virtualreality, Gloveone for #haptics touch hardware, together with some of the Gaming AI (Artificial Intelligence) software, will get us there very soon. And #teledildonics and smart sex toys like #vibease can already link you to a partner anywhere on (or off) the globe. Put all that together and…

The internet and Sex Tech can deliver, mostly. What if there was another way? What about going further? Why not ‘wired’ into the brain?

What if, instead of a whole load of tech that was designed to input stimuli to our wetware (Wetware is used to describe the elements equivalent to hardware and software found in a human, namely the central nervous system and the human mind.) through as many of our senses as possible, all you needed was an .mp3 player and some earbuds?

Over 2.1 million DEV© downloads since 2008, achieving 6.5 million orgasms to date (at least!), using only an .mp3 player and a set of earbuds: the first virtual sex toy.

Directed Erotic Visualisation© effectively hacks the Wetware gatekeeper and inputs virtual stimuli into the sensory channels. It uses well tried and proven protocols from other disciplines such as guided meditation, visualisation and targeted suggestion. In practice, DEV© uploads a stream of virtual signals into the sensory channels, in most cases indistinguishable from the real. Fantasy becomes a reality.

The ‘backdoor hack’, the way in is through our everyday abilities to enter an ‘Altered State’ of mind. We do it all the time. When we get lost in a good book, absorbed in a great movie or engrossed in a TV show, we are altering our state of mind. We focus on the desired signal and exclude unwanted stimuli; the background ‘noise’. It is that ability to focus on a desired signal or stimulus which is where all the magic happens.

We create our own reality by selecting the inputs we allow through. We can tune out external inputs and create our own internal world. We are all capable of daydreaming, losing ourselves in an imaginative fantasy. DEV© uses that universal ability, amplifies, guides and controls it and gives direction to the fantasy. This immersion in a virtual reality helps the DEV© listener to enter into a highly charged erotic sensual scene that takes them on a wild ride to the delights and pleasure of orgasm.

Directed Erotic Visualisation© fosters an altered state of mind through guided relaxation and suggestion techniques. The audio protocol then overlays an enhanced sensory self-awareness and creates a state of arousal. From there, quality writing in the second person and skilled vocal performances insinuate all the elements of an alternate erotic fantasy reality into the listener’s mind.

Imagination is one of our most powerful mental tools. It is responsible for leaps of understanding in every endeavour as well as helping us fulfil our wildest fantasies. DEV© takes our imagination beyond the usual, to a level where literally anything, any desire, any want is possible to experience.

DEV: Making the World a better place one orgasm at a time!